The Doppelgangaz
Batterram (Doppstyle)
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[Verse 1: EP]

Ayo switch-siders, ain't enough to incite us
Hard to stomach with the diverticulitis
When the lights don't blind
That's when a Ganga shine brightest
Effect on mine not in the slightest
They got us on a list now Oh god
I got 50 on my wrist now Oh lord
Damn, it's rubber bands but the shit go tard
Clams straight out of the can with the salt cured squab
Straight out the pan dark tan maillard old habits die hard
Like pounding shorty ass to a paillard
Albanian cat named Saiyed in the Izod
Get you clapped for your piece of the pie chart
This fly art caused a populus shift
Something nice to give em an innocuous gift
A Ganga po-lite ain't no knock to my chick
But see I rather fap with the oculus rift

[Verse 2: Matter Ov Fact]

Ayo I met a mami who tasted like some edamame
When she put it on me I'm like Im about to catch a homy
With the salami, I slid into the beave calmer
And a second later. a n***a face look like Steve Ballmer
Shawna, beside the brolic beak on her
At a glance, a very poor man's Keke Palmer
I even see bit of Rosario on her
I took a tally survey said Mario Chalmers
N***a fuck it. You can't defend him if you want to
From a jive creed with a live feed up in the sauna
A high greed, the pry breed
Who known for playing words with friends while he driving
And he push a 5 speed
So whats the point of plotting on the lead
He a vagabond who couldn't snag a job on indeed
In patent leather killing n***as with the sheeds
And Im reproducing, Philip rivers with the seeds