[ Verse 1]
Amy: Thought i'd keep my old voice, but that was just too whack

Britney: Wrote some songs cause i’m Britney, but no one listened to that

Nicole: Even almost got married, and for Nash i'm so thankful

Stella: Wish i could say thank you to Plotagon, cause they changed my voice again n***a

Ratchetta: One taught me whack

Amy: i've lost my patience

Ratchetta: Yeah they’ve changed this kanga shit again, now that's just fucking amazing

Nicole: I've loved and I lost my voice again apparently, that's just what I see

Britney: But hey we found new voices even, no need for searching

Stella: And yeah n***a n***a that I thank

[Chorus: The cast]
Amy: Thank you, next

Britney: Thank you, next bitch
Nicole: Thank you, next

Ratchetta: I'm so fucking grateful for this new voice I guess

John: Thank you for killing me Britney next

Rhonda: Thank you, next

The Harasser: Thank you, next

Emily: I'm so fucking grateful i don't have to be apart of this trash show anymore. Emily Britson is out, stupid cunts. Fuck the harasser by the way, Samir apparently

[ Post Chorus: Random Stella]
Stella: N***a fuck off and get the fuck out of here, this is the flawless 4 not some stupid movie you were apart of on The Sims 4 Get Famous. Fuck off n***a on the bone

[ Random Ratchetta}
Actually why don't you fuck off
You Stupid psycho bitch
I’m so fucking grateful your ass was in a coma for a few months
Gave me time to steal your spotlight
Fuck niggers with chicken dinners