Edisto iLLizhii
Allergic to Cereal
They fail to practice what they preach, since you are what you eat that's why kept it in tongue in cheek
And why every word they muttered just seems to udderly reak
Put that in Layman's terms, you guys are ass so to speak
Rolling in the deep with no paddle, the famous creek
Save yo babble that shit is weak, kick up gravel,shatter yo teeth
Never reveled around yo ankle,prepare now for yo defeat
You rather run through Mozambique in a pointed white satin sheet,
Crane kick the kitchen counter, tip that drink from cattle's teat
Then I straddle nearest seat to observe if you'll really weap,
As l Velcro, my orthopedic sneaks, that squeak, 2 left feet slowly shuffle into the street
Yell there goes my ride before I slide off in Missy's Jeep, BEEP beep you're welcome to come too
Timothy Mosley put an APB out for Magoo swerve onto curb, we just barely missed a Jew
About to get fuk'd, Sarah Jay walking the avenue
Power steering started breaking like electric boogaloo passenger window
You glide right though, no seat belt tally the shock value
The scene looks like there a clean up on aisle 2
That head gash, red glass looks like clashed ragoo
Steadfast they spead past they didn't know it was you,
Posted with the crew thinking what da hell should we do this can happen to you if you allergic to cereal