Edisto iLLizhii
Watching Movies (Remix)
[Verse 1:Edisto]
People always gone doubt you,take a stand and defy the odds
Be the one that they shout to, screaming encore and applaud
Sought after suspect for murder claim they got probable cause
Exhibit A was my mixtape bench warrant out on my bars "CHO!"
Yo no contemplate, I just do it
Flowing like a river runs through it
Drunken killah bumping that lucid
Getting drunk, ECKS(X) triple EYE(I) Louis
No blocked calls, but got em like who's dis,
A squares got em puzzled, thats Rubrics
On the block claiming you move brix
Your life ain't tetris,you stupid
Knowing damn well that ain't your construction
Bout to make myself blow, spontaneous combustion
Results volcanic Ash plus other toxic substance
Being overlooked this good at something,blood iz bubbling
Homie I'm killing these trax
Hii stands for that, quick as a flick from a match
Body parts, mailing em back,they tried to battle
That's why their torsos detached
Because of the skill that you lack
You suck at rap,even MIKE FREEMAN knows that
Y'all animated in fact,but draw me like that
I should resemble like top cat
In reality they treat me like the underdog
I'm under y'all getting malwed
While you continue to slumber dog
And you,could prob give a damn like a ton of logs

Eager to hit the stage,won't someone introduce me
Just conjured up my courage, it's no longer spooky
Underdog way of life, lots of doubt & scrutiny
Jump ship,we taking over get ready for mutiny

[Verse 2: Mark Carson]
Im over comin' the oddities
Fact is Im the prophecy
Im Stackin' the track a run away train ain't nobody who stoppin' me
I am what i was taught to be
Hip hop rap monstrosity
Lookin' at my future but its hard to see
The top don't really seem far from me
I stole the game grand larceny
This game has became a part of me
Fuck the bill boards and the charts i see
Everybody got a head start on me
Plus all the shit is marketing
I hate this shit well partially
Look at the shit that i gotta do
Mountain top an incredible view
Gotta hit the snooze on with the dream
The underdog ain't truly what he seems
As he leans out the whip
Gonna find your crib
Break in and then leave with ya shit
Eat a pancake then im fuckin' your bitch
With the syrup cause she likin' that shit