Strange Froot
[Verse 1]
Will you stay, Cleopatra?
Don't you wanna wait?
Memories fade
Well, forever you'll stay

[Chorus 1]
Strange fruit on walls like Mona Lisa
Spread out like diversity
But I think you like [?]
Strange fruit

[Verse 2]
California trees lifted up high
Now I finally see the magic below
There's a natural mystic living in the sky

[Chorus 2]
If walls could bear my secrets
I wouldn't have these empty rooms
Find somewhere to keep my strange fruit
Hope I'm far from you

Light up the Sun, I'm solar charged
Wish I could stay sober
I only get high to get over you
I'm barely sober
And I don't mind, I don't mind
Strange fruit
I, I don't mind, I don't mind