I know my momma won't like this, I bet my daddy won't like this x2

But, I been doing drugs mama
Man I been doing drugs mamax2
Man I been doing drugs.....

Popping a Percocet, sometimes I do it to sharpen my intellect, and I rely on it, when I feel depressed, man my evils vice gripping neck and I don't know what's next
Tryna run from my problems but we like neck to neck and on top of that, I'm living check to check, the stuff that I go through Leaving me sweatin , And I been feeling slammed, Me abusing drugs was never up in my plans. That' was my last resort
No im not hooper but I'm tryna score
Keep so much green like a herbivore
Long sleeve, hot as'f, I'm just tryna hide the sores
They call it lemon head delight, that's when you lick off the yellow and you sell the white



Should I hook up with Lucy?
Everytime we get together she tryna seduce me, it's kinda hard tryna be clean
So we took a journey in her yellow submarine, surrounded by all these shapes
Kinda funny if I say I'm outer space
But 30,000 feet deep under water
She showing me the tricks that I taught her
Show me the way to the fountain of the youth
And drink from it, just to show the truth
That's when I hit a peak, dimethyltryptamine tripping me in my sleep, please don't tell my umi, I'm getting in trouble with the Lucy

I wanna stop but I can't
Cause everything is what it seems
So I just resort to the drank
To help me get through these days
Ay ay ay ayyyy ..