Ox (Rapper)
Sound The Alarm
Sound it (x7)
Sound the alarm!

[Verse 1]
And the crowd is wild
But the whole world is still the silence loud
So I break the plane and let the lion out
And they inhale so hard, they tired now
Put the fire out oh they tired now
But it's bigger than just flame the time is out
And they can't speak the name they riot out
And it don't look like it's about to be dying down
Now they flying out but I'm wilding now
And equipped to stop whatever they trying now
The soldiers on they back and they crying now
They try to deal with the heat, but they frying now
Tried to wind the dial, but it's winding out
All they can do is recognize the sire now
The warriors might as well retire now
Tell the world to let 'em know put the siren out

(Sound the alarm)
Put the siren out
Tell the world, let 'em know, put the siren out
(Sound the alarm)
Before the time is out
Tell the world it's going down the siren out
(Sound the alarm)
And it's sounding loud
You better move when you see that the siren out
(Sound the alarm)
And the siren out
Yeah the siren out, baby, the siren out (sound the alarm)

[Verse 2]
Start it right where I left it
Easy to do when you stay on that next shit
And I'm reckless and they step with
So much fear that I could eat it for breakfast
They weapons is so hopeless
Move time with mine and leave wreckage
And they neckless, literal
The only way I'm seen as subliminal
Meaning they never see it coming before it ends
And I'm the one to see that it begins
Even tho it's just a game, I'mma win
By any means necessary, man
And I go hard in the pocket
It's big boy moves from the second that I clock in
I set aim and I'm locked in
Then I hit the siren and I start rocking

Sound it (x16)
Sound the alarm!