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Childish Gambino

"Miller Time"

[INTRO] Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow Bow

[Verse 1: PG] This that trap sh*t don't worry bout' me
n*ggas stay being nosy
Foreally Im Illy, Milly Vanili
Chocolate and Vanilla
Nobody likes a mixed n*gga no more
Because in dark rooms I shine
Oh thats yo' girl she's mine
This is PG, it's time
For me to enlighten your mind
I remember my first rhyme
Now Im professional, thats right
You homosexuals ain't nice
Your inside a world where arrogance lands you girls
And girls twerk for some pearls
So girl...
Drop it to the floor, make your parents proud
They smokin on that loud
They take their syrup to the clouds
We askin for forgiveness, at the same time while we gettin it
Just finish my sentence, my religion is blank (Wow)
Just get that cake now
Before its all gone my n*gga
Todays our birthday are you finally gonna be a winner
I dont know
This song is outta controol
I dedicate this to Dan Miller cuz that n*ggas a fool

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