Mirror (Freestyle)
[Intro: MasterPiece]

"Uhh....its muna
This is real shit
Lets go"

[Verse 1: MasterPiece]

Uhh....they say a child shall lead
Thats why I pray to God thats me
I pray that I'm the one, not the two and not the three
And hopefully Stevie can wonder just to see what I see
I agree...that I haven't even achieved my potential
I've been to heaven and hell, thats not coincidental
But in order to succeed you must remember the essentials
For example; a pen, paper or pencil with other writing utensils
But my missions to make the world tremble
And understand that my vision and my ambitions on another level
Hopefully when I speak I'm label influential
Similar to presidential....and so successful
But see....I remember like it was yesterday
Writing poetry in my room to take the pain away
See writings like a vacation, its like a getaway
Its hard to comprehend like Michael Jordan with his fadeaway
SWISHHH.....what type of shit is this
To play in a game thats hit or miss
See me and my n***as wanna be rich, and chill with the baddest chicks
And do what our fathers couldn't, like be there for our kids
Damn, its happening too fast
Damn, I guess I do look like my fucking dad
See all my life I was searching for his trifling ass
When really he was just right behind the glass (Get It)
If not then you should really think about it
Rewind that back, cus I really want you to think about it
Cus actually its really quite astounding
To know that I am the youth but somehow I can't find the fountain
Aye...but shoutout to my future kids
I'm grinding now so ya'll can look and see what daddy did
As a kid I would look to see what daddy did
When really daddy ain't do shit
But I, spread my wings and I just fly to the sky
My whole life changed since We High
From people once saying n***a who's this guy
To now people saying how can I work with this guy
Why.....what the hell changed you dog
But I, laugh now and cry later dog
I ain't lying shits crazy dog
To work with the same guy who knows Millyz, thats crazy dog
But to my real fans, just know I need ya
I know its been awhile and your eager
But to be the best you must be a believer
Thats how you be great like a Julius Caesar
Im gone.......