Ca$h Out
[RaKalid: Verse]
I'm going to ride until the beat get dead
Wake it back up then wave to the man
Top of the towers with-a-mind like ours
Tricks of the trade Click go Clack
Turn a day to an hour Saving the power
Talking to it? NAHH I'm talking to you
Swimmin through these woman it's all we knew
Back in a day we were sinking ships Now we captains I must admit
That the shift feels great like I'm breathing it's pace
I done been around the world Thought that I found the perfect girl
Been to the pyramid's Hopped on the camel
Jumped off the horse into Giza Hydroplaning the escapade
With a green grenade yelling I don't need No Visa!
Who's to say what we can't get done?
Pop-in-the-clutch until it breech the Sun
Been to the Moon I'm an astronaut Lyrical Mirage I evolve a lot
Stop in to my marshan dock I'm way to fast like I'm Ramadan
When the Tick-go-Tock I'm already in Pakistan Who's in line
For the Phenomenon? Nobody rhymes like its any raps of mine
Im a RaK K-9 with an eye lid on Get it? It's RaKalid zone
Give me the keys to the Maz let the 'Erati roll
Hisham on my left while I'm passaging
Dip through the blocks like Jenga did
So far in that I'm out of it
I'm so far in that I'm out of It
[RaKalid: Bridge]
When the Pen Hits the Paper Form an Algorithm
That'll make the Rhythm' Zoom! Zoom!
Ammunition different than the picture
Like you've never even pictured it
Kodak couldn't even capture the moment
If Kodak didn't, then how're you going to finish
Like Ra with a mile in a minute
RaK & TeLLY remix coming soon!