Logic (People’s Army)
[Verse 1: Logic(Peoples Army)]

See let me give a RE-introduction..
I was raised around coke sales & guns bustin'..
Men leave they baby mothers so they start cussin'
Everybody's robbin' everybody's bellys cuttin'
White rice mutton n' two boiled dumplin'
Know suttin' ..
I hear man that no nuttin' and they shows bumpin'
As long as you're flows pumpin'
You see it don't really matter if you show nuttin'
But I'm moving.. (moving) ----
Forever I'm improving my strategy
To go against the grain that I live for is blasphemy
Fam' I don't just rap for P's ..
I rap for every third world family, Facing tragedy
I just happen to be, a man who holds integrity
Higher than the dreams of becoming a celebrity
Every letter speek words than I dun' spoke
Every tune I make gets me closer to the anti-dote
I admit I never plan to vote..
But the BNP are gettin' more power so we have to go
And put our names down, Vote so they don't gets to have a say now
Life is a playground
See this is just an introduction.. (listen)
Are you ready for the brake-down, ready for the brake-down
See this is just an introduction
Are you ready for the brake-down, ready for the..
[Verse 2: Logic(Peoples Army)]
When I start explaining what you never thought possible is happenin' and we got a lot to loose
Simple, clock the news
They promote the bad and rarely show the good stuff
They promote the fact that life in the hoods rough
The kids are raised tough, They're made to scuff over pennies
They go jail and coming henny
Then they goin' back again, tell me is it nice in pen?
If it is then why bother comin' out !!
Innit hot when the sun is out, Me I'm to proud to never let myself down
I stand strong never fall to the obvious
I never sell out, spittin' the monotonous
See gods everywhere fam' and hes watchin' us
I know exactly what the devil man has got for us
See I'm here to let him know that, dem' tings' are not for us

Haha yeah