Logic (People’s Army)
[Intro: Logic(Peoples Army)]
Okay. stand up salute!
March with the troops
You know what the motto is yeah

[Verse 1: Logic(Peoples Army)]
Cos' do you live for yourself or do you live for the governments benefit
Livin' a life thats just irrelevant
Buying into fashion and the prices keep rising
Are you the type to show you're face or are you hidin'?
Do you trust education?
Every term the curriculum's changin' and they still leavin' out the slave ting'
Never give the whole truth
And did you know? that they took the Irish, they were slaves too
We had black slave leaders who sold blacks to white merchants
Exchanging cargo for persons
And the worst thing is, what we do hurts the kids
Encouraging them to spoke spliffs
And have sex younger and younger, crime is a spell that were under
I wonder if this life will ever change
I say its time we delegate positions for the renegade, we gotta elevate!

[Hook: Logic(Peoples Army)]
We gotta elevate fam' !
Outta this system that they got us in
They got us trapped in this.. Mason.. Masonite system
Ahh!, ah..
[Verse 2: Logic(Peoples Army)]
See, Cos' i know that I'm stuck in society
But i guarantee that, nobody's buyin' me
And big brothers got his eye on me, they're spyin' on you
Politicians denying the truth, tricknology (Skull&Bones!!!)
They practice pagan ideology
See I'm in touch with my issues
Never met before, but i feel I've lived in his shoes
And anyone on earth who spits truth
I won't conform! (Nah neva!)
I hate the industry and broke the norm
Pee dee pee dee, Yeah i blow my horn, I mean trumpet
If you don't like it lump it and if you do like it bump it
I bin' on the roads and done shit, in a lot of ways
Now the kids learn from us, so we gotta change
Set new Goals, new boundary's, New steps
Teach little youths it ain't all about new crepes

[Hook: Logic(Peoples Army)]
(Forget you're new trainers and new clothes fam)
Yeah, teaching them about consumerism yeah
That we're just buying into they're trap

[Verse 3: Logic(Peoples Army)]
Listen, Think deep about you're Nike a trainers
Think about the people that make em'
The papers, the corporate company's are makin'
There's kids in the sweatshops bakin'
And big fat bosses Bayden
Know suttin' ..
Most man out here spittin' don't know nuttin' and they show it
We sell weed but don't grow it
If you ain't real then you know it
I'm more than just a rapper I'm a street poet
I'm puttin' knowledge on a bashman beat
A Gaberlunzie, I was there fam' i heard Malcolm speak
I politics with Luther, the king
When i spat bars bob would sing.. I mean Marley
I exchange words with Garvey, met Gandhi and Che Guevara
Asks me what makes an army, I said strong hearts and people with full control
We got this on our own ends fam, but we don't know
[Hook: Logic(Peoples Army)]
Stand up salute
We got enough soldiers on the ends to form a real army y'know
Imagine dat'..

[Verse 3: Logic(Peoples Army)]
Listen, young ones that out beefin each other
It's time you made peace with you're brothers
Same skin color, but you wanna burst him
You see the masons plan for us to fail, and there plans workin'
My hearts still hurtin'
Cos the yout's that live where i live, They're dun' mad at the wrong person
They write bars about what they know, So it's only fair we need to educate them about Tony Blair
And stop bangin' on each other, Bang the system
Don't let yourself be a victim
Now listen
See i in-vision us instead of weed pickin' up
We get CD's now n***as is a bigga buzz
Get rid of all the junk NWO, The new skunk
The BNP are like our Klu Klux
I hate them with a passion
Whats the point in havin' faith fam' with no action
(Whats the point)