Logic (People’s Army)
Behind Barz Freestyle (Take 2)
I'm born into a life that I wanna leave
Where brudders claim religions but they don't believe
Where mothers don't know what to tell their seeds
And the father's wasting all his money smoking weed
And it's sad when you're thinking that the only to make it is to rent your body out for a little peas
And it's sad when you're jealous of your brudder's doe
So, you set it up so you other brudders all can eat
And it's sad when you're thinking that all that life is
Is getting rich, more powerful and rocking diamonds
And it's sad when we forget about our history
But trust me, this life don't mean shit to me
See people think they bad with their little weapons but wait a second and think about the moves you're making
And I don't care if people never love my name
Because the bottom line is that I will never change
I was raised around food cooking in the yard
Most man that I grew with have caught a gun charge
But glorifying this on tracks doesn't make me 'ard
'Ard is if you really know what type of a man you are
I may as well just hang myself by a rope
Cuh I know I'm killing myself but I still smoke
I feel like I'm done now 'ere I can go, cuh this is the realest thing that I ever wrote
See this is more than just rap, it's like I slit my wrist and let the blood trickle past my hand to the pencil tip!
We lost Ham, Steve, Macaully Donavin
Johnny, Crash, Jamail, Arian and Soloman
From old school duffers to little rats
So many people that are gone fam they're never coming back
And really the list is longer than my pen can write
Just a imagine man robbing another man for Nikes
See this is not just feds
Fam we kill ourselves, from materialism that put on the shelf
There's more than one way, that your soul can sell
If you need to wear diamonds so you empty shells
I know I'm not the first to say it but you're all pawns
You need to idolize the place you're really born
When you were cold, your mother kept you safe and warm
Now you disrespect your mother, what are people on?
Skunk wasn't enough so they gave us Jesus
Take away the two things we got brain cells and peas
A real Rasta man would told you that isn't weed
It's a product to the society is to [?] the streets
I know you was on the road shotting dabs and pees
He doesn't listen when I say that's where I used to be
He doesn't listen when I say that I'm not scared of pen
But when I was young, the feds took all my friends
So done a bad boy hype cuh it's over-dead
Over-washed up fam you gotta use your head
Free Bike Aquin Q my brudder Heck
Free stinks little tim I beg ya hold you head
R.I.Ps to everyone who's out to dead
And until I die I keep screaming out fuck the feds
Rest in peace to the brudders that my mother lost
But over-stand you get a gain from every loss
That means we got angels to help us out
See this is hell that we live in fam I'm getting out
And if you happy with the world that we're living in, you must be the devil fam cause we live in sin
And it's crazy all the bullshit that we're passing on, think about it, would you really want this bullshit for your son?
Would you really wanna man to disrespect your princess
So I don't understand why you'd hurt an empress
I am only talking things you already know
But you ignorant fam so you let it go
And I will never say my people are the only gangsters
But PDC were the first real gangstas rapping
I know most gangsta rappers ain't really banging
And I know nothing don't happen 'til you make it happen
So I know that if I want it I gotta get it
But my manners are the thing that I am not forgetting
I've had people coming take things I possess
Early teens I was on the block smoking sess
Every day the same, and even though I love my ends
I was raised where it's kinda hard to trust a friend
Brudders who I grew with have started smoking work
And I was there where man was on top yes and now it hurts
I went from skanking cats, making money selling dirt
Now I do shows abroad and people know my words
But this is not a track to say that anyone can make it
This bottom-line is that I will never make it
I know I'm not the next Dizzy or Craig David
No PRS, I'm rich just because you play this
If you understand my words you'd say that we are friends
Never doubt anything I say I don't pretend
My energy is the only real thing that I can send
And this is never gonna change, this can never end