Logic (People’s Army)
The Writing
The Writing..


I had to stop my car and start writing
Cos for the past 8 miles
I was freestyling
Sometimes i gotta think about who I'm fighting
Without a passport were all trapped on an island
I've been searching forever but I'm never finding
Not phased by what others see as 'exciting'
On the stage people think that I'm on a hype ting'
Nah it's not that I just believe in what I'm writing
I put my insecurities in the words i speak
I need to eat but physically i feel weak
And I'm not the type to turn the other cheek
I was taught by the place i was raised to back beef
I've had people that i knew and let in my house..
Tell me how they gunna push a gun in my mouth!
See i was scared and at the same time i got prepared
See if you went home that night i was there
On my own with a tool that probably doesn't work
Regardless i was prepared to go an let it burst
Over what?
Over another mans Ego?
Sometimes fam i wanna be a hero
And save everyone but first i gotta save myself
That's all down to me fam
Noone else
I don't need help but i do appreciate it
You get out what you put in, and that's basic
I've been programmed to go and get Queens faces
Some people are programmed to be racist
Raised with the mentality
Where they believe..
That there skin color makes them a better breed
I got issues inside and out my body
Original my mum never made a carbon copy
We all special, yeah I'm talking about everybody!
Every person on the planet has the right to breathe
I've had pleasures from women you would die to link
Wife material
The type that doesn't smoke or drink
But every angels got demons that they used to know
The devil plants his seed and people make it grow
I see my enemys developing and making moves
While the righteous are stagnant in muddy shoes
Kids that grew together now they're in different crews
Little girls having innocence a race to loose
Lost children with NOBODY trying to find em'
Lost like a weak vocal with no hype man
Some rappers can't perform but people still like them
The same man that opened the door and it closed behind em
I get depressed and even times i get suicidal
Sipping brandy
While i light up a nytol
I've been born in a life where we fight rivals
To get a reputation
Get a street title
Make names up WEAK way to dodge the feds
Kick doors of while you sleeping in your beds
Surveillance cameras clocking your every step
To make sure that there masonic laws are kept
We defending a state or a road name
Like we own it!
Like it's suttin we can claim!
The British keep sending troops to Afghanistan
Not to maintain peace they got a bigger plan
Little hands gotta eat from a bigger hand
So they abuse it
Take over, run the land
They want the power and the oil cos when it's put together...
It's more valuable then any amount of cheddar..
We all die so I'm not trying to live for ever
I'm tryna' write words that'll be forever treasured
We all die so I'm not trying to live for ever
I'm tryna' write words that'll be forever treasured