Logic (People’s Army)

The truth is always visible. At it we might be looking, but it seems that we're not seeing

And I’m just a spectator lookin’ in
But I can tell you how I think things should've been
And all the reasons why the world is where it is today
Please listen to my words and what I have to say

(Verse 1: Nabil)
Let me start with a condolences
To people left early didn’t attend all of life’s lessons, so listen
Parted life due to un-humanitarian actions
For the so called war on terror where the real humanity lapses
And grabs souls burns’em with white phosphorus not acknowledging the fact the we all came from the same man and they supposed to be one of us
Perceive to continue in forming a new world order
Informing people subliminally, but we are too blind to see
The truth camouflaged and the lies mesmerized
Painted with blood that passes the sight of the eyes
Let me give an example like Kony
I was tempted to join the cause but when I thought about it it was another cover up to steal Uganda's oil
A one way ticket for the US; what a BS
Same as Syria; it’s the truth fighting but the high powers are the one dropping bombs in series waiting for their insidious
But they will continue cause that’s the art of the Syrian revolution and I'm serious
It’s all a propaganda to destroy the Middle East and heist its resources
Cause that’s where the real spark of the world started the land of prophets followed by real science which led to rockets
But they put a wall on our eye sockets
Man I'm gonna stand of the seat and die for what I believe even if it causes my defeat
(Verse 2: 8 Gram)
Decapitation and killing the civilians
Still on the daily news
Question is who’s the villain?
Because I’m really confused
Is it the ones giving out the orders or the ones who take them and spill the blood?
Before you decide you should ask yourself is it wrong to fight for what you believe is yours and is it right to kill another man over what his father done?
I’m from Poland so I know all about hatreds of your neighbors but I’ve grown up and love’em like I love a lot of homo sapiens
Hating is a strong emotion look what it do to people siblings separated stove in a cell gassed
I call that a work of evil but you can’t just blame a race of a nation where we create human right violations
Look at it in the other situation
Young student 20 years of age attacked and murdered in a public place because of the features on his face
It’s sick but its reality while some look the other way
I put my palms together then pray for a better day
A day where everybody will wake up feeling safe
A day you won’t be judged by your nationality or your faith
Countless souls slaughtered over religious disputes
Pointless arguing which holy book tells the truth
I’m disappointed
That the scent of my species we destroy the mother earth even though it gave birth to us
It’s because we all weak
Our minds manipulated by materialism and greed
And now you see I’m not here to tell you the tents I’m simply here to preach
I’m just a small spec on this planet all I can do is believe that the right ears hear me
You could be provoke or you could just ignore and turn the other cheek
I understand that war is sometimes inevitable
But before you start the first think of the ones that will have to fight a second one but what do I know?
I’m just a spectator looking in, tell me what you think
(Verse 3: Aly)
Why do we suffer from an existential crisis?
Is it because our hearts are shattered and don’t believe we are alike, this
Discrimination is based on ignorant speculation
Mankind is subject to full life abomination
We could not rule ourselves, and this was the start
We fought for land and resources and that drift us apart
So we invented something as genius as politics
On second thought, I hardly think it was ever a smart move
Or maybe we’re too foolish to be governed and ruled
And be capable to understand democracy the way philosophers do
What are we to do? The world is suffering
Out of misery and conflicts too
Look at the news
66 years and still Palestinians fight for land
What the fuck is Zionism? I don’t fuckin’ understand
Politics without policy is how it is now
They do not deserve to be citizens of the planet
Neither do we though if we continue to inhabit it
While our brothers are stranded on that Arab-Israeli conflict, shit
Fear not the world’s damnation; fear instead its perpetuation without alteration
I am you, you are me
I am whatever it is you want me to be
But make that not your enemy
Who do I think myself? Let’s agree!
I am every rock and stone thrown by child
I am every heart of a mother tortured
I am every martyr under the ground
I am a spectator, and I’m forever cursed