Logic (People’s Army)
Don’t Hide It
[Verse 1: Logic]
My name is little Jake
My mum calls me the big mistake
Birthdays come and go, I’ve never seen a cake
Most days I’m locked in my room, at least then I’m safe
Without her
Other times I gotta do housework
My mum and dad fight, mum loses so she hits me
She even put me in hospital, they had to fix me
And my mum and my aunty get lit cigarettes and stab me
Oi mum, why did you have me?
To treat me bad?
You left my dad, he used to save me
He used to ask you why do you hate me
And lately my mum makes me fight my brothers a lot
My mum and my aunty watch laughing
I’m hungry I’m starving
Cold beans and bread
My future ain't good I’ve seen ahead
And I ain’t got friends
I’m 9 years old and will I get to see 10...
I don’t know

Don't hide it(x4)
[Verse 2: Lowkey]
My name is Chelsea, you could swim in the ocean of tears I have cried
When I was three years old my dad died
When I was six my mum got married to some guy
Three years later my mum died, but why
Did her husband have to get custody of me?
Since I was 9 he’s been doing stuff with my body
And I need to be rescued
Coz this strange man is touching me in places that I know he isn’t meant to
I wish life could be the way it was before
Now he comes in my room, turns off the light, and locks the door
Now I can’t sleep waiting up for another day
One time I got the courage to run away
But that was very dumb
Coz he found me and told me he’d kill me if I ever told anyone
I gotta go, yours truly Chelsea
P.s… please help me

Don’t hide it (x8)

This one is for all the children suffering abuse as we speak (yep)
All over the world
This one is for you; if you relate to this song
This one is for you
NWO - New World Order
Lowkey, Logic (Yeah)
Children are the future
We reap what we sow