Logic (People’s Army)
My Generation
The night is so wild, downstairs the child is sleeping, her spirit is free
For more than an hour, I’ve walked in the rain I’ve been wondering what she
Will be But where are the heroes, where are the dreams that
I had when I was young Am I hoping in vain?
Just to think she can change anything? Well I'm counting on you

See I ain't going back to the block, rats and the rocks
Flats and the cops, Logic’s never been trapped in no box
See the young ones wanna clap at the bus, the youths
Now are practically lost
Stacking from what's trapped in the cost, while the factories floss
Third world labour, little kids wrapping up my socks
Happy slaps at the bus-stop
Everyone praises beef, we gotta dust all the dust off ’cos It’s old now
Listen, how many have to be dead before the murderin slows down?
And I know what I know now
So I don't want my seed to go through this I'm tryna show
How life can be better then this
Chasing money and cars, It's all irrelevantness
They dont help In the after life
I dont know if the answer’s right
I'm simply just asking, WHY?

My Generation is losing It’s way
We don’t know, what we’re leaving for you

See the olders are cracked out, those were our role models
All that really leaves for the young guns is no morals
Me I know myself now, so I know I won't follow
Even though my heart’s full of pain and my soul’s hollow
Drugs kill, but reality is godsend
The olders got hooked, they didn’t know what It was then
Right man, right time, what Is just the wrong end
I keep my circles small, cause I’ve already lost friends
I'm not a bad boy, never said I was one
These youths think they’re invincible ‘cos they got guns
See them 8 year olds in Iraq, fam they got guns
But that fuckin don't mean nothing when the bombs come
Where I live you treat strangers like enemies
Cause some die over mistaken Identities
Who can say, are we losing our brains?
All I know everyday is, for the youth them I pray

My Generation is losing It’s way
We don’t know, what we’re leaving for you