Cannibal Ox
Blade: The Art of Ox
(It's a hard ...)
Black milk
It's hard in these streets
From Mecca to Jerusalem
All day every day
(I'm calling you on the phone)
(I'm just holding you my darling)
(You're my all)

[Verse 1: Vast Aire]
Toe flex we bout to blow like octane
You know Cannibal Ox got mad slang
Who cares what you're named
They say a man who repeats himself is insane
I mix my saliva with propane
Flame on I spit that hot fire with Dylan
And stay inside the line with crayons
My whole aura is neon, ultra violet
Come out your mouth
I might get ultra violent
Now it's so quiet
You was popping that junk
Now it's so silent
Here's another token
We are the chosen
Wolves in the coven
Blade of the Ronin
(I'm calling you on the phone)
(I'm just holding you my darling)
(You're my all)
[Verse 2: El Da Sensei]
We deliver the livest your novice we polish
Acknowledge artists mad men, shottas and god fathers
I rock the flow brick city bandit, im doctor no
Star studded glow cardio bars we give the go
Administer quotes
Diminish folks in minutes call it dinner time
Eat your food, rude or push harder to the finish line
[?] shine, musically we harness
Due process and Marcus flawless bombers
All time writers and fly garments
Marvellous talking prior markings, fire for warning
Inspired informant desired the entire performance
N***as is boring we got the remedy virus in storage
Hennesy pouring, AOF, cannibal ox recording ah
(I'm calling you on the phone)
(I'm just holding you my darling)
(You're my all)

[Verse 3: Vordul Mega]
Formalities and certain chances and variant circ*mstances
In surge of advancing
To miss the pivotal point
Integral click and digitally went spittin'
Never that vacant transmission
Getting off ways like jet motto
Livin in ways you set morals the righteous path
Write on pads and lace audio, keeping kids
Being more intuitive monstrous
Learning origami, with folding paper into Ferraris
We move conscience, speed gazing, navigation
Looking like lasers, through night mazes
(I'm calling you on the phone)
(I'm just holding you my darling)
(You're my all)
[Verse 4: Tame One]
Did you hear of it?
Im harsh as the march chapter in the spearmint
With enough psychoactive synthetic substances to begin with
Generate combine within, to transcending
The second Nordic artefact independent descendent
Psychedelic therapy magic, meditation
The ritual is verical spiritual dedication
Well established hip hop savage with the cabbage
On average with multiple sounds of blackness
This is black magic, true art from new jeruz new arc
With two part doc*mentaries fireworks shoot sparks
Go beyond we draw fire like kobes arm
In hip hop i go grimlock on stages that they throw me on
(I'm calling you on the phone)
(I'm just holding you my darling)
(You're my all)

[Verse 5: U-God]
First cla** n***a
She on me like axe on my chest
Fresh like crest, straight headshots only lames aim for the best
Im taking 99.9 percent of the bet
Y'all can have all the rest, stress
Intravenously I feed these n***as the truth serum
Spit fire like he got a dragon in the booth with him
Hold your head and stand still
Balance the equilibrium
Process the beat, create heat
Faster then the pentium processor
Through the hood known as the pie stretcher
Measure the texture of the fish scale upon the dresser
Own a sea biscuit win by a nose on the track
Live at the aqueduct
NY yank on the hat
Whos up to bat
Sending a SOS to the slums of shao-lin
And to the late night husters on the north side of the island
Surveillance at the corner my eye
B*t*h get off the snapchat and drive
I'm being followed because i sold a thousand instgrams, glide...