Cannibal Ox
The Power Cosmiq
[Verse I: Kenyattah Black]
Benny Wise human being
Who be in the U.B.N
Send Homeboy in Outta Space like UPN
Me being the man that I am
Came to teach those to say my name like Rakim
Islamic Doctrine
Brethren of John Hopkins
Run with goons from Marcy, Sumner, and Tompkins
Best shove off, before you get dusted off
Best jump off
Before you get dust off
I'm in control like pulling out before I bust off
In control like Janet
You come soft
No chances kid with Clarence kids
I make Molotov C*cktail
You fruit c*cktail
I got scavengers
My two hot shells
Ginuwine was so anxious
I'm a Capricorn
I'm so persuasive
Flow like space ships
And dip like Andre
Got over 3000 songs like Beyoncé
[Hook: Vast Aire]
You ingrates
Know we been great
Pop a lot of sh*t but never to my face
Come on what's the att**ude?
You should drop to your knees and show grat**ude

[Verse II: Vast Aire]
Sit at the other end of the see-saw
I'm fat with mine you gonna see more
Now that's heavy (a-huh)
I got a Merry-Go-Round shotgun
Like, "did you see Saw?"
Talk about Peek-A-Boo
Hey, ain't you that dude who got caught touching Pikachu?
That's why you got exiled
We should have took your head from your beastly profile
I'm a righteous man we walk upright
Ya'll love Hell, we love right
Supreme Math gave me the insight
Now I can touch planets with my light
That's nine to be precise
Yea life's a gamble roll the dice
I'll leave you on a hard rock that's as cold as ice
You should watch your mouth or pay the price

[Verse III: Kenyattah Black]
Grasp Thoughts the way I pa** thoughts
But as for myself I dwell on a plane way beyond pa**ports
No need to pack shorts
I'm skinny dipping
I'm really tripping into the game fetal position
You see who was missing
Lost tribe from the dark side
Love apartheid
Never ever ever let the moth ride
Sort of like Parkside
Killer let the sparks fly
N***a it’s the pain inflicter I M.A.S.H like Hawkeye
I hawk chicks, take over the whole farm
The whole barn, plantation, and so on
I'm so on
That Nat Turner sh*t
My black burner spits
Oo Wops, banana clips
You should learn to quit
I murder sh*t from Brownsville, Brooklyn
Same place Murder, Inc. was invented and took then
Same time me and big man was watching IP man
Living hard without the prison bars, we the Crimson Guard

Check it out