Cannibal Ox
Metal Gear
[Verse 1: Vast Aire]
Take these two cats, dipped down in metal gear
And words from their faces echo "that's metal", swears
Starving, but happy, bombers of stealth
Who never cried on yellow brick roads until they found themselves
And since then, my platoon of ten men
Refrain from speaking, because to them that's sin
I grew up in an iron galaxy
Where everyday is like you smell smoke, but fire you don’t see
My soul is a precious metal that I wrap around me
Like Mario, 64 to be precise
I know soldiers of fortune don’t like to gamble
But inadvertently they roll the dice
When that knight in shining armour ran off with Guinevere
I was there to threaten the downfall of Camelot's tar pot
Now I'm here to play connect the dots with your face
That’s cannibal ox
The truth cuts, like space ghost
Wheels of steel principles, but with a -
Ruler smack to the knuckles in addition
If you try to steal my principles, (that’s the principle)
If you're stainless, act as if I care
In due time imperfection with tarnish your silver ware
Enter the litter box, where some cats mold their toes
Not knowing who's going to be the next de-comp-osing host
Over the almighty cheese
Even though it got holes in it
Like the souls of murderers and thieves
And the harm do back to you
Is a mechanic karma, fuelled by the hunger
That shall consume you all
You should have fell off the earth when you thought it was flat
Last time I recall
Cannibal ox is the next catch-22
Divided that by two elevenths, too individuals
[Hook: Vordul Mega & Vast Aire]
Cannibal Ox
Cannibals lock
Cannibals shot
Leaving those tangible knots
Cannibal O
Handle you slow
Cannibal pro
With animal flows
What, metal gear n***as!

[Verse 2: Vordul Mega]
Who the hell's meddling?
Vordul float on track, metal wing
Concocting thought channel
Turn on microphone attachment panel
Cannibal lexicon reverb meat eater
Toasting mine similar to loaded nine heater
Mental block hand c*cking jammed Glock
Technological defect feeder
Lefty clutching automatic amazing pen
Mic touchin' savage tragedy bleeder
Right hand torn off, sawn off shotty
Body of Vordul, inhaling explosive shell seeker
Such Hannibal vets
Killer canine holds technology
Nine toast against his shell ghost
Bear hugged in nine layers of mechanical flesh
I swear cuddle gun luck is swung, trouble lung
Dodge and runs, locked in
My flesh helmet, the best felt it when I wrote it
Broken bow and arrow sparrow
Flown on paper collided with dirty wasp flutter
Please forgive me for licking you with the organic box cutter
Pretty mechanic Cannibal Ox stutter, on DAT
My arms swing on tracks like Jesus frozen in gold
If hollows swallowed his heavy medallion whole
Slow, mechanical sling blade runners
Futuristically built ghettos brothers palm metal
Gina Gershon gunners, what the f**k laser burners
Held in the small digits of children inside a city of lost midgets
Blood on the cloaks of broken winged pigeons
Spitting metal's with ox's under their tongue
Article, done, swinging particle sun
Gem from the jugular stem, pendulum, mechanical
I apologize for spilling anime to Godzilla
P*ssed off metallic mandible jaw bone pillage
(Practice what you preach
So you don't forfeit the scrimmage)
Slowly we settle into famine
While metal cannon's handled in the five digitals
Of apathetically ma**aged psyche, shells holded
Flesh wounded in hell criticals
I'm too motherf**king ill
Cannibal Ox, mechanical shots will spill
It's war against all of you
Stepping into my dimension
Did I mention I have to let my team of flotation device
Nice emcees, digitally remaster themselves and re
-materialized the essence
He'll become flotation, here's a quotation
I'm holding nations, I'm slowly awaiting
I'm closing faces with my Cannibal Ox cutter knowledge
That's razor blade thought caught
In-between my spleen built in
Now let's start the revolution
We're shooting, stop that knowledge
I'm dropping, what is known as my urbanite anti-college livin'
Realize that I'm only living through the eyes of a pigeon