She said, "Quit with the cigarettes."
I said, "Please."
I'm popping on the internet
Did you get the memo? Don't disrespect
I ain't your man baby, we gon' split the check
You just let me smash, you ain't gimme neck
Don't you got cash? What do you expect?
You work at a law firm, uptown
And you acting like you don't give a f**k now
The minute you ask for bus now
You a hypocrite, what now?
And you wonder why, wonder why I'm emotionally shut down
Yeah, you only f**king with me, huh, cause you know I'm gonna pop off
And the only way you get your rocks off
Is f**king a rock star
Yeah I got trust issues
You wonder why I can't f**k with you
Why I'm not so in love with you
Girl, go figure
Yeah, had the love of my life and somehow even that didn't take flight
My mom says I want too much from this world, too much too much and I think she's right
Her boy in his mid-twenties
With a lil' money
Nah for real, I only need a lil' money
Find it a lil' funny that you actin' a lil' funnier
With a straight face on
Straight up make up all caked on
Wait up, a K cup won't take long
But odds are by then you'll be gone
So, so bye-bye, so bye-bye, so bye-bye
I got a** way before rap
Just icing on the cake
You won't find Mr. Right here, that's a fact
Girl I just got icing for that cake
I guess I'm not the one you want
I guess I'm not the one you need
I know I'm not the one you want
I know I'm not
Because I just wanna drink and smoke and make a lotta f**kin' money
Wanna drink and smoke and make a lotta f**kin' money
Wanna drink and smoke and f**kin' make a lotta f**kin' money
I know it's so shallow, but I ain't into acting funny
No no, no no

[Verse 2]
Oh, took Uber to taco bell
'Magine how my driver felt
Spend money that I don’t have all the time
Like how the f**k I’m not gon' sell
Come along, I’ll let you splurge
You can get yourself a nacho shell
I don’t pop the pills but I got the tills and tell the world
Girl this your song
You always want me to write you one, didn't you
Even now I told you ‘bout a million times
I'mma retell you what I'm meant to do
While you spend weekends in a sh*tty a** club with your girlfriends drinking on Pinnacle
I'mma be workin’ real late in the studio
Making history, that’s what I'm finna do
I don't use fin' that much
But I meant that much when I said it
All ya'll talkin' that sideways sh*t...
Well, you might as well dead it
I don’t know what I’m thinking
Sittin' here in the Lincoln
Drinkin' in the Lincoln
Brenton ridin' shotty got the whole car stinkin'
Might as well do this once
While we’re still young
So we could still have an excuse for being so dumb, see
[Hook] x2