So Long
[Intro: Beirut]

[Verse 1: Skizzy Mars]
Yeah, I can see you moving
To the back I can see you grooving
To the track and the [?]
It's so soothing, it's so soothing
It's the end but I can't be losing
Head over heels, baby, it's a nuisance
That we don't hang out more
Hey, baby, you could come on tour
You give me butterflies
And I'm wondering why
And I think that's lovin'
I think I like it
YSL lipstick, I think I'll bite it
This love thing, girl, I think I'll miss it
Boo-boo on your arm, girl, I think I'll kiss it
I think you're distant
When your next to me I can feel what bliss is
Girl, you make me blissful
Being with you, girl, is that too wishful?
We like [?]
Chris [?], I'll dismantle him

This is where I say so long to everybody
Hope you enjoyed the EP
Shout out to everybody
Shout out to Neil Hamamoto specifically for the help on my work
And I hope you enjoyed it