Lunar C
2 Dogs
[Verse 1: 360]
This is 60 in his element
Spitting bars that don't mean shit, they irrelevant
Fuck around and dis the whole scene for the hell of it
Maybe if I stop fucking around, I'ma celibate (get it, cunt!)
The only rapper with a perfect score
Yo, I've burnt so many bridges that I might as well burn some more
I'm the fake friend you see and then shake hands, make plans with you and cancel before the day ends (ah, forgot I had plans, mate)
It's really hard to make sense
I try to cash a raincheck and still haven't been paid yet
I've been rapping in Pig Latin like adlays
So when I say your ash tray, I really mean you're trash, mate
I'ma make a verse, make it work
Your life's a joke like your date of birth is April first
Your girl keep coming back: Boomerang
She 'bout that life, all she wanna do is bang
The only reason I shot for the stars I couldn't reach
The only reason I landed on earth I couldn't see
So having bad vision's a good look for me
'Cause if I wasn't half blind, here is where I wouldn't be

[Verse 2: Lunar C]
Okay, I'm back in my zone, your time's up, bitch
I'll give you a right hook with the hand that I write hooks with
Stay clear of me If I am stressed
If I decide to let your blood spill, I'll wipe the floor with you like a polite guest
How come those I see trying to indirect and slightly bliss
Are the same people I see bum licking and riding dick?
We don't play top five, D.O.A
Make the streets go crazy like free cocaine
I'm from the U.K
I don't say "lit" and I don't "turn up", too stoned to party
If the spliff's lit, then I don't turn up
They should call you the scat man 'cause everything you spit is nonsense
They should call me the scat man 'cause I'm shitting on 'em
Come to the clashes on joke shit and still when they get roasted when I spin 'em like rotisserie chicken
I just bagged an ounce and I'm about to let the Kraken out, I swear
And I'm getting fucked up like I'm at my Grandma's house
The one and only, I'm the blueprint
I'm sick of these average rappers stepping on my toes scuffing my new kicks
I'm talking 'bout no one specific, but if the shoe fits
You still couldn't walk a mile in it, pussy, I do this