Lunar C
The Streets
[Hook: Kay Wills]
There goes another man down
Lights out in my town
So it's lights out in my town
There goes another man down
The streets is coming
So I keep on running

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
Young black boy from the ends growing up among shotters, murderers and robbers
My favourite game in the playground we used to play is burglars and coppers
I was never the fed though one day I took it way too far and got sent home
I had to come clean to my mum I know it weren't easy raising a son
I made it past on this vibe I'm amazed at what all your prayers have done
A few of the mandem ain't there now
I'm looking at old school pictures
My n***as have been emitted to mental home and ain't getting home for a minute
So when it's flashback Friday I'm putting up a picture on Insta
Our brothers that ain't there for us and a caption saying "I miss ya"
My heart goes out to your mothers and fathers
Aunties and uncles, daughters and sons, brothers and sisters
I'm at another funeral, tears in my eyes there's a couple of man here I despise
It's sincerely a sign and I'm real though
Is there still hope?
When it's kill or be killed, nope
It's reality, real people with real guns and real anarchy
Pax said that's just the way it is
Another man dead every other day in the bits
Throwing up gang signs living on a landmine
Sad times
[Hook: Kay Wills]

[Verse 2: Lunar C]
Take a drive and look at my hometown
See I grew in a squalla like mould
If you're dumb enough to be someone who stood on my toes
I can either crush your pride or swallow my own
There goes another man down another wreckless youth that wouldn't back out
Cos everybody's been taught up until now
So he thinks he's gotta act stubborn and proud
If you're from round here then you're used to it
If you end up here then try and adapt
The only people around us that have money are drug dealers
So we aspire to be that
Block the pain out and put away the anguish
Cos misery loves company but it doesn't attract it
I was brought up broke and I grew up going to school with holes in my shoes
I told 'em I'd do well, they told me only time will tell
So I guess this is the moment of truth
The city looked bigger when I was a knee high
So if I'm not a giant now at least that's what it feels like
It's nothing pretty, this life I live isn't picturesque
The shit I seen will give you nightmares and make you piss the bed
Cursed with a money driven mentality
Generations will pass it down
And I said I ain't got much I can brag about
But I ain't gotta wear my big brother's hand me downs
[Hook: Kay Wills]

[Verse 3: Tempz]
Fought their lives cause this war ain't nice
I was raised on the same street where I saw them die
It's deep
Right before my eyes on a pouring night
Yeah there's war outside and it sure ain't right
On either side there's some that grind but there's more that write
Trying to survive from 5 to 9 ain't no different
Trying to provide for that kitchen
Another guy just went missing
Family cry cause they miss him
Yeah each day we fight
Or it's just a vicious cycle we live in
You can hear it from verses as it emerges to the surface
My mic is spinning like this earth is
Constant pain like we deserve this
I'm trying to change I ain't perfect
Some mistakes just weren't worth it
Just finished community service but
But shit weren't new to me
Been serving the community
But now it got through to me
I can do more than you can do for me
And that's just the way it is, it's that real
You can either take or give
But still faith exists and I'm used to it
Cause it's just the way we live
[Hook: Kay Wills]