Lunar C
Far Left (Freestyle)
I'm some sort of hybrid of an average white kid and a schizophrenic
Low life scumbag who needs to go see a psychiatrist
I'm thinking maybe I should try and go commercial, make some dead rappers
Turn in graves like Kurt Cobain when Courtney love sold his journals
Nah that ain't happening, I think its time for a role reversal
Give these corny rhymers P45's and no referrals
TippaGang don't play, don't get comfy, i'm doubling the pace
I got your girl and a couple of her mates backstage, in a minute i'll be nutting in her face
I live life like i got nothing to lose, not enough room for you MCs
Gobble a few dicks until your tonsils are bruised and you swallow a tooth i don't follow the rules
This is not in the blue print. Loose screws psycho on a war path
What the fuck can you do when you're stuck in my boot and you're blind folded and ball gagged?
Slap these new rappers spin em like Crash Bandicoot
Brag and you'll get flattened for having a bad attitude
Rush you rich kids and take your fandangled gadgets too
Let a fan dangle you off your dad's mansion roof
Don't speak, I put my money where my mouth is and I ain't got no gold teeth
We out here, fuck anybody that doubted, these strangers act like they know me
I'm boasty, big headed your phony, synthetic
Your flow's too easily ingested and only retards are impressed with it
I been prepped for this, I was born ready, everything you aim for I did it already
You mugs are all petty with your online squabbles I want them big figures like plus size models
Too raw for you cunts to handle, can't say I'm not raw, pick another angle
I'm rugby tackling the next arsehole who tells me I should go do another battle
In my own lane I'm not changing gears, I just wanna get a milli then I'm out
All the kids at school used to say I'm weird coz I used to get my little willy out
In the class now they wonder how I made it here, in it for the pennies in it for the pounds
Being that broke again is my greatest fear, that's what coming from the bottom is about