Louis Logic
Diablos (Remix)
[Intro: Celph T**led]
(Very important)
What? What? Yo, Louis f**kin' Logic

[Verse 1: Louis Logic]
If this was a live show I'd probably get dragged from the stage
Handcuffed and caged for cursin' and spittin' at 5-0
I'm on a mission to find folks to victimize
Sadomasochists wishin' to die slow listen to my flows
The torturous
I'll see to it you're finished
Leave your unfortunate seeds in an orphanage
Even if your image dictates
You love the way a d**k tastes
You'll get tossed from a big stage
Put your hands down d**k face
I didn't tell you to raise them
I started underground and then I fell through the basement
Misplaced soul like I had to sell it to Satan
And amidst the hellish arrangement tried to tell him to change it
So make irrelevant statements, say that you sell your tape
And say that your 12" played on your favorite well listened station
I'm waitin' for celebratin' your folded career over a beer
I know where you live, wake up and smell the fragrance

[Hook: Louis Logic (Celph T**led)]
Heathenous (Cretinous)
Reasonless (Savages)
Treasonous activists
(Greedy and ravenous)
We face off (Wage war)
And beat up on pacifists
(He's the compa**ionless)
And he's the antagonist
[Verse 2: Celph T**led]
Yo, who the f**k else you know
That'll run up on your block strip
Like an insane Christopher Columbus and start conquering sh*t
Celph T**led's that n***a, and he ain't playin' dog
I thought I told you that we blazin' n***as 'till they skin fall off
Roll out the red carpet and make you blend in with it
And that place that you were born from
I've been up in it
Masterpiece verses everything that I've done dope
F**k puffin' on cigars, I'll blow donut holes with gun smoke
I don't want your demo, rappers, we extort 'em
You ain't goin' platinum n***a, you gon' be postmortem
Slice the throats of your whole clique till my palms hurt
And it'll be more rednecks than a Willie Nelson concert
Better believe me motherf**ker we ain't nice thugs
We know the real and pull your card like fake I.D.'s at nightclubs
Lift up that skirt and see just what type of guy you are
Throw you off the f**kin' roof and see just how fly you are


[Verse 3]

[Louis Logic]
I should never be fooled with
My devilish music will put a spell on you stupid
Whoever you're cool with will forever be losers
I'll hit you so hard your kids will inherit the bruises
Malevolent mood shifts attached to Satan
And a sick fascination with Patrick Bateman
Then disguise the crimes from the pigs at the station
They missed that arraignment cause I slipped past probation
[Celph T**led]
And ain't sh*t changed Lou, we two of the f**kin' illest n***as
The type of cats that'll randomly murder serial killers
I'm an angry person that'll hang you from a dangling curtain
For certain I'm like Satan lurkin' through paintings and serpents
An ill contortionist, twist your body and crack limbs
And you can see what it's like to walk forward but face backwards
My d**k get hard when I pull the rifle and spray shots
And leave your whole crew shakin' worse than Michael J. Fox


[Verse 4: R.A. the Rugged Man]
Yo, yo
Bustin' the one to the two, three, four
Proud to be poor, you're about to see me more
Beware, detour, for the war
My reputation is drenched in folklore, but it's all true
All due respect to the king, don't question a thing
We can take it to the Octagon or take it to the ring
You ain't recoupin' or movin' the prophet, ruin your knowledge
We recoupin' by doin' this project, with Louis Logic
When I walk the concrete splits
I pimp heavy metal biker b*t*hes down to rich R&B chicks
The golden era won't quit, I'm legendary, it's a cla**ic if I wrote it
My flow you can't fix it, I ain't never broke it
You a corporate puppet on a Muppet Caper
Put you in a funeral parlor with the undertaker
See I'm smoother than Don Cornelius on Soul Train
And Slicker than Ricky or Mr. T's gold chain