Louis Logic
Old Rasputin
[Skit: Continued from previous track]
I love my prost**utes
Pu**y, pu**y, glorious pu**y
I've got my prost**utes back
Here ye, here ye, all rise
Introducing his lordship, Sir Drunkalot

[Verse 1: Louis Logic]
Don't get your head on the cutting block for treason
Against the royal fam', because it's chopping season
On the disloyal man
We study under lit oil lamps through the archive
Deciding who's on our side like a new apartheid
The czar died and pa**ed down the keys to the fortress
And the secret, of course, which releases the draw bridge
We even got a militia of devious forces
Who feed weed to their horses and lead 'em where war is
Of course it's the rulers, Jay Love and Louis
Don't say nothing to us, we make punks look foolish
It takes tons of fools to straight up amuse us
Wake up you losers, you ain't nothing to us
We're rock star czars, we're locked on wars
With vodka to the top up inside {our jaws?}
Hooligan morons with a collection full of hood ornaments
We snatched off of cop cars parked
We got odd bars that's private, cars with drivers
And chicks who lick the stick with slip-on saliva
And ever since we was born in diapers we been called
"Your Highness" and served alcohol as minors

Y'all can find us, in the land where the pimps
With a full harem of chicks who take care of our d**ks
{?} who pillage with a terrible fist
So all the other villagers are scared to resist, b*t*h

[Hook: Jay Love & Louis Logic]
Fe fi fo and a bottle of rum
The Odd Couple don't stop 'till the bottle is done
Move your feet to the beat and march to the drums
We're the kings of this rap sh*t, majority one
We target the market, make a profit and run
And shot kids in the process with dominant tongues
Solicit explicit content for fun
And stay spitting like we're obnoxious and drunk

[Verse 2: Jay Love]
Wake up the horses it's time to take them to night
You can't challenge the king, lying naked with your wife
Even if your aching to fight, swallow your pride
And follow the Gods with Heineken bottles the size
Of comets that fly, fizz out and drop from the sky
Like these two superheros with {their goggles for eyes?}
Jay Love and Louie Logic, the kings of the castle
Bring it to battle and stone you till you sink in the gravel
I'll swing and attack you if you challenge my reign
Then cut you up and bag you like an ounce of cocaine
No name motherf**kers without noble descent
Get thrown over the fence and choked up with no-good intent
This is a social event for my minions to witness
So they don't get opinions and interfere with business
My interests protected, riches invested
And b*t*hes in the kitchen, dishing up breakfast

Listen, the checklist is written extensive
From licks to a plethora of b*t*hes to have sex with
Chick that striptease like Demi in a scene
Got {baders and rosebeers like semi in a kime??}
Many enemy is tortured when we blazing hash
And made into court jesters to make us laugh
Now raise your gla** and toast to the livest
Rulers of this rhyme sh*t
I'm out, signing off as Your Highness

[Hook: Jay Love & Louis Logic]