Baby I Wanna
Baby I Wanna by H-Town

Uhh So you comfortable baby
Alright well uh, I invited you over so, I can tell you a few thangs that I wanna do to ya right
Aww yeah
Yeah check this out right
I'm moving it over now
Run a nice hot oil bath
And uh, light some candles
(Baby I wanna)
Maybe we can like pop some champagne
Aww yeah
But this, just one ingredient I gotta, take care of, I needa like burn this H-Town tape in the deck and we can get busy

[Verse 1:Dino](H-Town)
So lemme do, what I wanna do
Come on and lemme do, what I wanna do
Let me show you, what I am made of
Woah cus I'm all it comes ohh yeah
(Baby come on lemme do, what I wanna do, only if you approve
I'll do anythang that you want me to,to satisfy you)
Baby I wanna(baby I wanna, make sweet love)
Baby I wanna(ohh all I want is good love)
Baby I wanna(woahh I wanna do is love you)
Baby I wanna(oh yeah ohhh yeah)

[Spoken Words]
I just wanna make you feel, so good
Mm I just wanna, I just wanna treat you right baby
I wanna do thangs that your man won't do to you baby

[Verse 2:Dino](H-Town)
At our own pace, down by the fire place
I'm thinkin of thangs I can do to you
Relax arouse, I'll make you feel real good
And doin thangs, doin thangs right with you yeah yeah yeah
(And when you come around, I say)
I wanna treat you like a lady
(I want you in a special way)
She doesn't matter what day
(And when you come around, I say)
I wanna treat like a lady
(I know our love is here to stay)
Woooaahh ohhh yeah
I been waiting by the phone for your telephone call (waiting waiting waiting)
Waiting by the phone for your call(waiting for your call)
I been sittin at home thinkin all alone, thinkin bout us gettin it on
(Listenin to some Marvin Gaye yeah yeah yeah gettin it on gettin it on)
Lets get it on, lets get it on, lets get it on (lets get it on) lady (yeah)

Baby I wanna(baby I wanna love you)
Baby I wanna(dance witcha dance witcha wanna do yeah)
Baby I wanna(you need me you need me)
Baby I wanna(I need you ohh yeah yeah)
Baby I wanna(I wanna satisfy ya yeah yeah)
Baby I wanna(oh ohh all day long)
Baby I wanna(that's what I wanna do baby yeah yeah)
Baby I wanna(you know you know you know)
Baby I wanna