Uyama Hiroto
Feel Like a Nut
Boy oh boy am I horny
Hey yo T, you're ready to swing off into this?
(Ready, dog)
Aight man, let's kick it

Sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don't
Sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don't

[Verse 1: Ed O.G.]
Now there were times when girls ignored me
I was feelin very horny
I wanted to flex
I was in the mood for sex
I couldn't get it
If she was a ball, she still wouldn't let me hit it
I couldn't understand why this girl wasn't with it
Yo, but now I'm makin records and it's easy to get skeezed
Cause girls be handin it out like government cheese
Now I'm gettin it and I don't mean to pick with it
But tell you the truth, fellas, I'm gettin kinda sick of it
Everyday out and in, in and out
Every girl makes the same noise - "Ah," "Ooh" and "Ouch"
T-Nyne said (I got two, you're ready to strike it?)
I'm really not in the mood, T, I just don't feel like it

[Verse 2: Ed O.G.]
I had a dream I lost all my girls and couldn't re-up
Jimmy couldn't sleep, so he woke me up
He was standin straight up, lookin down on me
And said you know what time it is, and then it dawned on me
I was horny and it was drivin me crazy
Jimmy said it's about that time for love, baby
And I was with it
So I called up a freak, so I can get freaky
She said, "My parents are home," I said, "Just sneak me
Through the window cause this is somethin I gotta have"
Said said, "Okay, come over," - "Cool, I'm catchin a cab"
So then I got there and then I snuck in
Creepin and duckin and pressin my luck in
All sorts of ways cause she was a new recruiter
Wasn't a traditional mission for me to knock some boots
Finally at last time to step on the gas, see
Of course I filled her up, cause she was on E
Sayin all sorts of things, I couldn't understand what
Just one of those days I felt like a nut

[Verse 3: Ed O.G.]
Now a girl might say I'm sweatin her cause she's a cutie
I give a freak a thousand chances to get the booty
And then when I get there to ignite it up
Hey yo, jimmy's prepared and ready to light it up
And then things won't be the way they used to be
I won't be callin her, she'll be callin me
Sayin, "Hi, hello, what's up and how you doin, E?"
Call me back, freak, cause you're annoyin me
Down my name to your friends you wouldn't bone me
You gave me a piece and now you think that you owe me?
Come on, step off/ get lost
Tell your friends you rode me like a race horse
I bet you won't tell 'em that, in fact
Freak, don't even call me back
She said, "If that's the way you want it, punk, I won't"
I said, "Ehm, sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don't"
Let's swing it


I wanna send a super shout-out to Da Bulldogs who's in the house
I got my man T-Nyne in the place to be feelin like a nut
You know what I'm sayin?
I got my man Smooth Ice Gee
You know he in the house feelin like a nut
DJ Chance feelin like a nut
Teddy Ted and Special K, you know they feelin like nuts
My DJ, DJ Cruz, of course he's feelin like a nut
My cousin Slim Dog's feelin like a nut
Bulletproof Brett
Money 1
K. Diamond
DJ Doc and Bizz-e Ramos, you know they most definitely feelin like nuts
You know what I'm sayin?
And my cousin Shawn Booker out there at Howard University
Of course he's feelin like a nut
And we outta here
3 strikes and we out