Uyama Hiroto
Fly Love Song
Spread love feel the vibe get buzzed
Spread. Spread
Spread love feel the vibe get buzzed

Don't think about getting over there's nothing above
When my man says? Lift it up on a Thursday
Let me hands work while the words play
These nerds dancing on my nerves
Maybe you should seek some help
Steady trying to live but just playing yourself
Got a lot of angry and malice inside your heart kid
So it was already over before you started
Now you're on the microphone soundin' retarded
Sleep walkin, talkin bout how you're a conscious artist
I'm from the natty where they love to hate
Land of the fake
You're just another crumb on the plate
Gettin' eatin' and served and keepin' my word
We're spreadin' the love
Buy it to get it dub the beat is superb
You can catch me on the Friday at the lab gettin' perv
And just rollin' with the d's we be hittin' them curves
Hittin' up streets rockin' them beats but don't sleep
Yeah we have a lot of fun but the love runs deep
The crew runs deep
Whether we together or solo one deep
We rep the whole set feel the base from little sean deep
Keep it bangin' in the truck because this is one you can keep
On repeat on blast in the truck on the dash
Yeah we do it for the love and get cash uh
It's that love
That love
That love
That love
That love
That that that love
Spread love you want that I got that
No whips here puttin' two clauses inside the contract
We combat the hate with a love so free
Would of made john Coltrane proud to create
One of my favorite things
A love so clean and pure it's a love supreme
I get a craving like a fiend in a day
But I don't need a cigarette know what I mean
I need a love
The kind of real life is made of
You look back and know exactly what minute it was
When it first struck
Lately I've been havin' the worst luck
These women don't be given up... word up
It's like they don't know the way
I guess we gotta show 'em
It's all love cause I got nothin' but love for em
Gotta stop thinkin' small
Gotta look at the big picture
Sooner or later love's gonna getchya
Love love loves gonna getchya
Gonn'a gonn'a gonn'a getchya