II Kings
Look At Me Now
[Intro: DMB]
Lately, I've been feeling lost and cold just chasing your shadow..
There just seems to be no chance that you're going to set me free..
I don't know if I can keep on fighting through this last battle..
When it's over, all that I want is for you to look at me..

[Verse 1: DMB]
Cause if you'd see, I just ain't what you're expecting
You'd be amazed by the connection
I look the same but, the pain in my expression
Is like a chain with an extension
Pulling me back, until the day of my ascension
No, I'm not afraid to ask the question
But the answer, was the same as a confession
Just so much hate, with no affection
Cause this game is my obsession
When I was down on my knees, it still came for my protection
If you say I'm not affecting
All the clouds and the trees then I just forgot to mention
It will spread like an infection
From the ground to the breeze into every direction
That's the reason I have stepped in
Inflection - look at me not my reflection..

[Hook: DMB]
So if you'd open your eyes, you could see that I ascend to the skies..
Just look at me now..
I know you'd be surprised, if you'd see me like you see the sun rise..
Just look at me now..
So just open your eyes, everything will be reborn when it dies..
Just look at me now..
Since we've broken our ties, I hope that you realize, these ain't lies, if only you'd..
Just look at me..... now..
[Verse 2: Elusive]
I tried to hide it, but seem to be revealing
Every single feeling that I'm feeling, now I'm not concealing it
I thought that I was healing, but I can't deal with it anymore
Forget the floor, this time I'll hit the ceiling
I'll let it out, I'll be an open book
But I don't wanna hear about how long it took
Me to get here, cause it's been a rough year
And with every tear I shed I only hope you look
If you wanna know what it feels like
But when you look at me, I can see a light
Feeling lifeless, as I'm staring into the brightness
Wishing that, I and it could be alike
But the irony is this
I can't even imagine a life of bliss
I'm so dark when I spit, because my heart has been hit
The puzzle pieces won't fit, because there's one I miss..


[Verse 3: Elusive]
In my eyes, I always do what I'm supposed to
And I can't deal with ups and downs, but I guess my life's a rollercoaster
If I'd of chose a different road, then maybe I coulda made the most of
Each second - but I feel like I'm just still not getting any closer
So, I gotta transform - I'll make you proud
Next time you see me, only thing I'll hear you say is, "wow"
It's like a new me, so have I gotta star in a movie
Just to get you to, look at me now..