II Kings
Starting Over
[Verse 1: Elusive]
It's like a memory I will erase
The light's still there, but I just didn't chase
It's like I gotta break a piece of the moon off for you
Cause all you ever really wanted was a bit of space
Yet, since I've seen your face, I have never been as hurt
But I can't deal with exodus as an introvert
I gotta let it out, and pick myself up off the ground
Like fuck the lying, only place I'm lying now is, in the dirt
But that's a metaphor - and it was so blatant
Like I ain't stuck in the fast lane - the road's vacant
Reach my level - I could even make a deal with the devil
And still never be, over-compen(satan)
Life's a bitch - sitting on the sand
Like I don't think that you even understand
Everywhere we'd wanna go we're banned
But on the beats, I'mma monster - Iran, contra(band)
The world's spinning - it must be time for revolution
Like in a perfect world, would there still, be pollution?
Cause if everything is backwards, then I ain't gonna die
Until I'm done, waiting for my (evil)ution
I'm talking love though, I don't mean hate
I wanna start again, like God give me a clean slate
Cause I just wanna feel bliss, but I can't deal with all of this
When everything I have given, has been a mis(take)..
[Hook: DMB]
Here I stand, on the edge of time, but I'm never getting closer..
To where I can just leave the past behind, cause right now, all that I want to feel is closure..
And the only thing I need to find, is the person I mean the most to..
Cause when I see her I'mma show her how I feel - but if it's real, I'll know that we are just starting over..

[Verse 2: Elusive]
You'll see me burn, even once the sun's gone
It's like a light switch - I just flick it then it comes on
I'm spitting heat till you're defeat, and you ain't even need a beat
Since, I can see you're playing that conun(drum)
Cause no matter what, I'll spit it iller
Staring in the mirror, looking back at a killer
Forget the filler, I'mma butterfly
Your career's been a cataclysm, so I'm tearing down your cater(pillar)
But the battle's been drawn out
No pen and pad here, purest, form doubt
Until the drought, it's all the same
So you could call me hurricane - you only think about me when I (storm) out
Like I just know what we're headed for
When everything I wanna say, I have said before
So for now I'm starting fresh, and you can count on me
If there is one god, II Kings, and that's a three-sided meta(four)..

[Verse 3: DMB]
The winds of change are coming, this may be my last night
I need to morph or transform, cause I can't fight
In my current form, I am running out of time
And I'll lose my mind if I don't make the last flight
Cause my past life, is coming back to me
Hallucinations and visions occur rapidly
If I can capture this image, while I am trapped in this scrimmage
I'll make it back to the finish and leave happily
Repeat after me - my flesh is just a cage
When my soul becomes of age, I will surface from this rage
That's the purpose of this maze, cause this earth is just a stage
So while your purchasing your grave, watch me turn another page, uh..

[Hook x 2]

[Outro: DMB]
Staring over..
We are just starting over..
We are just starting over..