II Kings
You Are The Reason
[Hook: Candice Mark]
Teach us to learn, because we're searching for the sun..
You are the reason, though our world has come undone..
Don't hide away, you are the reason we are here..
We need you with us, and to guide us again, without fear..
You are the reason..
You are the reason..
You are the reason..

[Intro: Elusive]
You are the reason..
You are the only reason..

[Verse 1: Elusive]
You mean more to me than anyone I'd ever known
But this is my endeavor, so I've gotta let her go on
I said I'd grown, but it's gone in the blink, of an eye
Cause we fell out of sync - I ain't a metronome
And when I'm down, you seem to pick me up a semitone
Forget the music, it's a metaphor for seraton-in
But I can't win, you don't know the things I've seen
In my mind, or wanna count the times, I've spent alone
But that's life, so I treat it as a stepping stone
I'm letting go of all the feelings that I'd never shown
Like if I leave, I ain't ever coming back, I'll ascend
Cause when we die, it ain't the end, they just send us home
But it's the path, that they led us on
So we'll enjoy what they let us own
And I'm speaking out, for everyone
Who never had a megaphone..

[Verse 2: DMB]
You are the reason I still believe in a higher plan
I may be seasoned but in the evening a tired man
There was a demon always invading my dreams
And she tried to stop me from breathing - you're teaching me to be iron man
Your heart is beating, you are the reason that you exist
It starts with freedom, but life is steering us to a cliff
So if we're leaving, I hope that we are now even
I know that you have been grieving - that's why I'm leading us through the mist
Yes, I've been waiting for a long, long time here
I've been waiting for this one last chance
When you're with me I am strong, I'll fight fear
As we're waiting for the sun's last dance
I sense your presence, inside me I feel the essence
I'm lining up with the heavens - society is depressing me
But I'm not stressing, I'm trying to learn my lessons
My life is a blessing, fighting destiny..


[Bridge: Candice Mark]
Looking through the eyes of love..
You know the world may seem a better place..
And yet, the moment that you realize..
There's so much pain before your very eyes..
[Bridge: DMB]
Looking through the eyes of hate..
You'll see this world is still a bitter place..
But if you looked up to the skies above..
The only thing you're gonna find is.. Love..