II Kings
[Hook: DMB]
I'm searching for the light, like I'm putting on a show..
You tried to hold me down, but I'm making room to grow..
This music's my escape, cause there's nowhere left to go..
I feel it deep below.. I'm caught by the undertow..

[Verse 1: DMB]
I feel the clutch, of an invisible source
I've got the touch of an unlimited force
So when you're ready, keep your hand on your machete
If your load is heavy, you won't get a second to pause
Of course, I'm talking 'bout this generation
I'm fed up with this entire federation
We must reduce the segregation
Deduce the devastation, and introduce a better nation
Because your ego's gotten too strong
Because a bible's not a coupon
That's why we've written you this new song
So I can scream, "Move on or put your noose on!"
Now we've got a new path, to undergo
And you wonder where'd the rain and the thunder go
Stuck somewhere in between, where the grass was still green
I guess it means I must be caught by the undertow..

[Verse 2: DMB]
Yes I've been wandering these plains for a long time
Just to chase away the pains from the front-line
And I hope it's not in vain, as I open up this vein
Cause you miss your own heart and now you want mine
But I've got a new plan that I'm gonna stick with
So much heat - turns your lungs into a liquid
And you think you are instinctive
I think you are restricted and now about to be evicted
What are you waiting for this whole time
I've been working hard, slaving in this gold mine
Now that I've earnt myself a frozen heart
I will send a cold rhyme down your whole spine
Cause you think you're steel, but you ain't hard
I've been locked up in a cage, now I break apart
With your game card, standing in the graveyard
This kind of danger wasn't made for the feint of heart..


[Verse 3: Elusive]
My mind's complex - four dimension
Like I ain't waiting to die, but I'm training for ascension
Although I'm never gonna win that war
Cause the only thing I'm still fighting for is your attention
Yet the only thing I do is hide
I tried to push through, instead I pushed, you aside
So much for my confidence, I couldn't put up a defense
Now I ain't stuck here on the fence, I'm jumping, sui(side)
But since I've made my decision
It's like the only thing I'm headed for is a collision
I guess I'm looking back, I wanna give the past another visit
Cause all that I exhibit now is inhibition
And in addition, I guess there is a point
Cause you and I, just seem to be at a different point
In our careers, like what kinda rapper would try to diss us, and still miss
I guess that happens when you (disappoint)..
[Hook x 2]