II Kings
[Verse 1: Elusive]
You must know by now, that we are wild
We spit it hot, and you're not even mild
Don't you get it, Imma rise and then shine
Like a diamond in the sky.. guess I'm a star child
See me in the night, cat's eyes
This is just my life, and I don't act nice
But I rap like, my relationships
So you know, every time I drop a line I'm gonna capsize
You wanna know the truth? I can help you find the answer
This time, cause even my own star sign tells me that I'm a cancer
But I spit a bit faster, like I know that I am now running out of time
And I'd been through pain, so I sniff cocaine - shit, you can just treat this line like it's a rhyme enhancer..

[Hook: DMB (w/ Elusive)]
Just open up your mind, when the time is right..
Searching for the stars, but I'll find the light..
I'm blowing up, from behind the mic..
Cause I'm kinda like, dynamite..
(I am dynamite..)
I am dynamite..
(They say I'm dynamite..)
(When I'm shining bright..)
You know I'm dynamite..
[Verse 2: DMB]
I'm the leader of the pack - pole position
You follow in my tracks, you're in no condition
To overtake, I can steer you, from my rear view
So the only thing I need to do is show precision
Because I know this mission's only for the tough skinned
That's why I stray from all except the one's I trust in
Is that enough? Wanna go another round?
I can breach the speed of sound with this choir I'm conducting
You're induction, self destruction
There must be an answer for hell's corruption, uh
And the answer is to purge
I just got a sudden urge, for this end of world eruption..


[Verse 3: DMB]
You wanna fuck with me? I'll consume you whole
Take one step where I have been - you will lose your soul
This is something I just thought that you should know
If you live or if you go, it is under my control
Biiiiitch, I told you I don't play around
Face me? The sooner you will face the ground
Treat all your limbs with acid, and eat your organs, I'm avid
If I can afford it, record it and then replay the sound, I'm dynamite..