II Kings
Chase The Light
[Verse 1: Elusive]
I'm as cold as ice
You can sense me - poltergeist
But I ain't even mean to step foot inside the club
I just followed the lights
And they're glowing brightest
Right on the dance floor
So you had better fight for your chance or
You will leave on your own tonight
I am so precise, on the mic
When I spit it even on a club track
But it's like I chase the light
So that you can see it come back
As soon as I make contact
For the first time with the beat
Then you'll realize why you're dancing
Just be enchanted, by the music - and move your feet..

[Bridge: DMB]
They say I gotta let go
But I ain't upset though
I feel alright
Cause when I hear this music
I just wanna use it
To chase the light..
To chase the light..
[Hook: DMB]
To chase the light..
To chase the light..
To chase the light..
(You know I only play this music..)
To chase the light..
To chase the light..
To chase the light..
(So I just hope you use it..)
To chase the light..

[Verse 2: DMB]
Everybody - gotta represent your style
Doesn't matter what your temperament is while
The sun's down and we're facing the moonlight
If there's something that you gotta do, do it tonight
So tight - engaged in the battle
On the dance floor, make the whole club rattle
If you want more, then I gotta tell the truth
Put your hands to the roof while I'm tearing up the booth
Uh, now you gotta keep your head on straight
Cause you lost count of your drinks on eight
There's no time - don't hesitate
If you wanna say something girl, please don't wait
Vodka, mixers, rum, gin and tonic
When you're mixing these shit's about to get chronic
Next to the speakers the wind's cyclonic
I spit so fast - supersonic..


[Verse 3: DMB (w/ Elusive)]
Can you comprehend
I'm coming through with the upper hand
(But I gotta take a minute)
(Just to check in with you, to make sure that you understand)
Why we make this music
If you have any strength left, just use it
(To chase the light, cause I'm taking flight)
(Like this song, when they're playing it on-demand)
Cause we run this land
I'm just trying to unite all the people
(But they'd rather we just kept on dancing)
(Instead of fighting the evil)
Now I'm deciding to equal
All the best, so I wait till the night
(Cause the only reason I wanna go out)
(Is to chase the light..)

[Hook x 3]