II Kings
[Verse 1: Elusive (w/ DMB)]
As I look around, (through my open window)
I see the sky burn, (and I can feel the wind blow)
But I ain't gotta breathe the (air I'm in though)
I just soak it in, right (through my skin so)
(I can capture the energy) - cause I need it to reawaken
(Because I'm trapped in this dream), it's like my life's been taken
(That's why I seek to understand)
(So if you think) I ain't gonna walk right across this land to (find the truth), you must be mistaken
Cause I will do anything I have to, (as I'm reading scriptures from Matthew)
Now the only question that I wanna ask you, is (why worship a statue?)
Shit is past due, we ain't got (no limitations - they took away that statute)
The moment they created a system (based on inflation) - why can't we just move (back through..)

[Hook: DMB]
Cause I'm feeling like I'm lost inside..
And I just want to find..
A place where we can leave behind..
Cause I'm feeling like I'm lost inside..
And I just need to climb..
To reach somewhere they're not so blind
All I need is time..

[Verse 2: DMB (w/ Elusive)]
So I need to listen, (I'm trying to learn)
But the clock keeps ticking, (I'mma just wait my turn)
Won't be another victim, (to the fires that burn)
So I'm gonna break out of this system (that we've been stuck in because this much I've earnt)
(And it fucking hurts), just fighting the feeling so I can write this verse
(It's like a song that I ain't gotta rehearse) - if my music's a blessing, why is my life such a curse
(As I search, for the meaning of existence), there's a sense of forgiveness that just gets worse
(But since birth), I've been dreaming (of an instance), where I burst
From the ashes - reborn, I am (spitting fire so you can all keep warm)
During the storm, (and before we've gone)
Move like a swarm, (as we, march in time to the song)
But even in this form, (I feel like I don't belong, in..)

[Verse 3: Elusive (w/ DMB)]
I feel alive, (I can catch the breeze)
I will survive, (these catastrophes)
This world is mine, (or in time - it has to be)
And then we'd all be able to thrive, (what more could you ask of me?)
(Cause I've done my duty, lord), how much more shit could you do to me?
(Cause I've turned over a new leaf), and I'm truly sorry to those who knew me
(Before I realized which path I was on), now I just lose sleep
(Thinking about the days) when I didn't give a (shit about anything) - I was so unruly..
But now I see the beauty, and it just feels divine
At some point in time, I must have crossed a line
Some people think that I have lost my mind
But I guess it must be only because they don't know that I've been stuck in..