II Kings
Be Enough
[Verse 1: Elusive]
Here we go, this is where it begins
I feel the spirit within, I knew I'd feel it again
As my mind escapes this world, and everything I had seen
I see pictures flying by me it's like I'm one with the wind
But it ain't worth trying, if you're just in it to win
I wanna feel good inside of me, then jump out of my skin
If you knew what I had been through, then maybe you would have been
A bit considerate, but shit, I ain't fighting for nothing yet
So, I ain't gonna be holding my fucking breath
Cause if I did you'd see me die like a soldier with nothing left
But, the longer I keep rhyming the colder it's gonna get
Because I'm bringing a storm, you already know what's coming next
Now, time to rip it, I'mma spit it like I didn't like the taste of it
Isn't that the kind of rhyme you fakes wanted?
Something to replace knowledge, like a state college
I'm amazed, I'm still digging my grave, I made a promise
But now those days are upon us, I see my dreams come to be
I see the rays of the sun, as they all start speaking to me
I feel time taken at once, but I ain't even asleep
So when I close my eyes, it is the same thing that I see
I hear the wind at my feet, but it's the fire I feel
That inspires me to write these songs, I'm still tryna rebuild
My life over from day one, I think I finally will
So put the clock on the chopping block, cause I've got time to kill
But I got too much momentum to ever slow down
So if you coming against me, you better go round
I'm a King II, I wear a gold crown
And if you didn't know I bought my whole town..
[Hook: DMB]
This is my life, and this is my story
Everything I've felt you can feel it for me
Take my pain away, so I can feel love
And maybe one day, it will be enough..
This is my light, and this is my warning
Everything I had disappears before me
Take it all away, so there's nothing but love
And maybe one day, it will be enough..
It will be enough..

[Verse 2: Elusive]
I'm like a dwarf planet, cause you can never really see me
You can only study the effects of my mix CD's
Throw 'em in the ocean, see the splash they make it's easy
And I apologize if I cause another Haiti
I never meant to be this way, I'm tryna change
I'm tryna break from this bubble in which I suffocate
I feel it, the bubble breaks, but I'm still in a logic maze
Cause our children ain't building a future, they're diggin' their fucking graves
But ain't it enough, when you gave it your all
You gave it your everything, now you've got nowhere left to fall
You thought you were god, thought you were, so invincible
You should have turned and walked away, and just forgot your fucking ball
But all that you wanted, was your moment to shine
So hold on, cause this song goes to those of you dying
If you've ever lost someone, and you know what it's like
Then I'mma hold you, like I'm holding the mic.. Cause this is my..

[Bridge: DMB]
Now I'm staring at my shadow like I'd never seen it
Maybe in a different light I'd see what came between us
Is this why I'm tryna find myself? I can't believe this
Maybe one day I'll find out and then I'll face my demons..

[Verse 3: DMB]
It's so hard, to always keep believing
Mind and body so scarred from the things we try achieving
Just perhaps the world we're living in, and slowly we're perceiving
Is completely false, and that is why we're losing all our freedom
Searching for the reason why this demon keeps on breathing
Even scheming while I'm dreaming, wants to hear my spirit screaming
Then I wake up once again, and no I'll never give up fighting
Keep belief in what is right, and then I'll preach it through this writing
Holy spirit channel through me, help me strike them like the lightning
Conquer everything that's frightening, help me stand up to the titans
Help me conjure up and tighten, all this strength that I've been hiding
And then widen my horizon, my potential must be heightened
How can one succeed in a monetary system?
A solution that is given by this voluntary wisdom
I can see the green, but it's surrounded by the rough
Time to slice it quite precisely now, but will it be enough?..