II Kings
Feeling Like A King
[Intro: DMB]
It's taken a long time for us to get here
Lost alot of friends.. made a few foes
But it makes no difference, cause the stronger you become, the harder life seems
But as long as you believe in yourself, you will make the distance..

[Verse 1: DMB]
Uh, from this point, I've got the whole world in my vision
You in my left hand to take away my inhibition
This mission was completely my decision
What's hidden is the meaning and the rhythm
But, I've got no choice, it's already made
I use my own voice, so it will never fade
Like a severed blade, back to the refinery
Try to keep it private, but they always got their eye on me
Being forged in the fires, it's my destiny
Yes I was tempted, but I knew that he was testing me
Testing me - testing me - testing me - testing me
To the fucking point where I think he saw the best in me
And that's now - only moment in existence
Past and the present, are they real or just figments
Of your imagination? There's no more time for waiting
On a one way ticket to this destination..

[Hook: Elusive (w/ DMB)]
This is my kingdom, this is my home
Wearing my crown, as I sit on my throne
My life is my own, I can do anything..
(.. When I'm feeling like a king...)
These are my jewels, and this is my gold
Living my life, as I watch it unfold
Yeah, I know I'm so bold, I could do anything..
(.. When I'm feeling like a king..)
[Verse 2: DMB]
And we're finally here - it's taken more than one lifetime
I knew we'd make it, had to use my last life line
It's the right time, to make a difference
Want deliverance? Only granted through forgiveness
First, gotta quench the thirst before it gets worse, oh
I've been punished by this tormenting and cursed road
But now we've reached the station, the gates are nearly lowered
So many years of waiting, thinking that it's really over
But listen to my words as I explain it through the song
I will begin my life when I can leave my human form
Don't assume anything, cause nothing is impossible
Now I've reached my kingdom - anything is plausible
Time to make it audible, gotta help our people
So much death and pestilence directed by this evil
It's time to equal, the imbalanced force
So I'm gonna grab the beast by it's horns..


[Verse 3: Elusive]
I could reach the moon - new wings
I guess we must be feeling like II Kings
But you have no idea what it's like to be me
I feel like I'm about to die, cause everything I do stings
But what hurts most, is your perception
It's like you think I scream just to draw attention
To it, I'm not afraid to die, I just want to make sure
Before I do, you know you got the wrong impression
This is really me, and I am only human
I think about my life, and how I know it's ruined
All the changes I asked for
Now I just don't know if I can cope as I am slowly going through 'em
But this is my life - you ain't gotta live it
I'mma stay here, until I meet another spirit
Tryna light the way, so when I can't deal with it
I could close my eyes and go to sleep - just so that I can visit my..

[Outro: DMB]
When I'm feeling like a king..
When I'm feeling like a king..