II Kings
Now They’re Gone
[Verse 1: DMB]
I understand what it's like to make a hard decision
But an unforeseen circumstance has arisen
So I'm sorry if we haven't spoken lately
But in the future I still hope that you can save me
Cause I can sense my nearness, but I'm still staying fearless
Keep tearless so I can see clearly through the mirrors
The smoke is growing thicker, I'm slowly getting sicker
Can I open out my arm so you can get the picture
I don't wanna lose this chance that I have
I shouldn't have spent our last dance in the lab
If we can relive those moments, and do it all over
We could pick up the pieces, and I can be your soldier
Now I realize that we're facing a war
I'm gonna give you everything - I'll give you my all
So there is no more time for mistakes
You only got one life, one chance you can take, so..

[Hook: Marnie Brown]
All the chances you're taking
Are to show you're just as strong
While all their hearts are breaking
You won't admit you're wrong
You are your only concern
Everyone you've strung along
And when you finally learn
You'll see that now they're gone..
[Verse 2: Elusive]
I've been trying so hard to get my name out
But it seems like it might be too late now
I set my sights too high, and now I ain't
Even gonna fly long enough to see the sky above the rain clouds
But I remain proud, because I stand strong
This ain't an opera, but I'm feeling like the phantom
Because nobody loves me either
Yeah I'll pick up the pieces and flee, and fall feet first through the ether
I feed off of this amnesia, I need it to see clearly
But there's no point in rhyming, when only the beat hears me
Am I talking to myself? I know that you're weak and dreary
But inside, I know it's not a conspiracy theory
So fuck it, I'll walk this path until my feet have no skin
Where there's no light at all, and my dreams are broken
As the darkness takes my soul, and I can see the road end
I just want you to know, that nothing will stop me from hoping, that..


[Verse 3: Elusive]
But I'm gonna fight, I'm gonna do what's right
They're never gonna deceive us while I'm in the spotlight
I'll rise to the top, like I'd been signed by the gods
Eyes on the prize that's above, sizing the climb - cause I can't fly
But I drop fire, so I may get a little help
Like I wrote a verse sick enough, the page spits itself
Does a whole concert, 6 days spent in hell
And now he's trapped for a lifetime - caged in a cell
I embraced what I felt, and it made me stronger
Somewhere way beyond where everyday was longer
Where it's safe to wonder if it's fate, I ponder
As we face the thunder, I'mma take you under
I'm amazed, and stunned, nobody else spits relevant
Long gone are the days of intelligence
Move on, or you're never gonna be selling shit
Even if you spit better than ever, and they'd never tell you this, but..

[Bridge: Marnie Brown]
You ruin everything you touch.. everything
And for what? When will you care that the
Very people who love you are going to be the ones who leave?
(chuckle) And when you finally open up your eyes and realize what you've done?
You'll see that now they're gone..

[Outro: Marnie Brown]
And when you finally learn..
You'll see that now they're gone..
You'll see that now they're..
Gone, gone, gone..
And when you finally learn..
You'll see that now they're gone..
You'll see that now they're..
Gone, gone, gone..