Test My Patience
People say LA has a lot of smog, that's marijuana smoke
Walk through the streets, you get a contact high

[?] hit me one time for this
'Cause I'm [?] with the four giants fists
Rocking more giant hits than [?] weed reference
But I can't see the people when they mobbin' in the midst
Let me hit it then quit it in
(Columbia in '71) Yeah
I see you thought I'd be a digit, got you livid then
[?] the rewind [?] I said about nothing
No creamer, no coffee, three creamers
These tweeters can't fuck with the king
Tell me a goddamn thing
Boy these raps are a god man ting, a goddamn drеam
They don't see me like a Kim Jong-un Dеnnis Rodman sting
Jonwayne ill, boss man singin' in the rain
Don't make me put a pinky in your brain
Been awhile since a twinky in the frame
Droppin' weight like bodies, bars in the game droppin' names
Some rap just to rap but I rap 'cause I'm a master
Black magic, go run and tell your pastor
Dark matter, [?] body whiter than Casper
See my [?] game forever after
And leave my prince like the world is my dark room
Yeah, I turn these Gacy's to [?]
Stop it Jon, these rappers passing out with their car fumes
But don't be sad, you 'bout to hear some more bar soons
Kick it, no? Ight
Nobody stepped up to the plate so I'ma take it
But who would really wanna test the patience
Of the man who made a bitch out of grim reaper and Satan
I send 'em back to the hole where they came from
That's why you ask 'em who the best and they play dumb
They afraid of my name, speak it in vain
And we watchin' home movies with the VHS grain, RIP