Belly Of The Beast
[Emilio Rojas]
They screamin' officer down, I scream karma
Police cars swarmin' the block, ready to harm us
Ain’t no honor ya honor, you’re in a Palmer
Nation, where the fuck is the change, Mister Obama?
A lot of promises were never kept, yeah
Them issues, they had no air time like Detlef Schrempf
I seen them run up in the court in a hurry
Judge up in the stand and then they swung into the jury
There was a hustle and a bustle and a scurry
Then a loud barrat! The rest kind of blurry
The gun clap, he shot away the grins
Ain't a blood bath to wash away the sins
And he toss away the clip, then he run into the crowd
Bailiff and the plaintiff were all standin' around
They screamin' officer down, he scream yes please
They amiss, partin' the crowd like it’s a red sea
All he seein' is red now especially when they shot Oscar Grant
And they were set free, revenge keeps him lyin' awake
‘Cause he seen too many people that’s lyin' in wakes
So they find that Jake dyin' for supplyin' them eights
They signs to race by 'em while they lie and they wait
They tryna escape fine, he ain’t tryin' his case
They tryin' his patience, hopin' he die at this pace

Welcome to the belly of the beast man
Where they put you in your grave in the precinct
Concrete stain all that remains
They leave the whole system in flames, system in flames
Yeah, the belly of the beast
Yeah, the belly of the beast
Yeah, the belly of the beast
So mother fuck the police, fuck the police