One Way
[Hook] x2
They say it’s like a dream but
I don’t feel the same way
Knew when we started
We goin' get it one way
Now they talking...
Tell me what they goin’ say
If you got it just show out like a one way

Cash money and hotels, I’m rolling the wholesale
In it splitting cigars like coat tails
It’s not much to it...just boss movements
Thicker than fog through it, name it, we've gone through it
Pop the champagne and my team gon' remain fluid
Talk a lot of shit but just know that we ain't losing
Switching lanes and coasts, no paint ruined
I maintained, the gang held it down when it came to it
Get the money and go, I got plenty to roll
They taking shots on our lot but we in video mode
I’m in the city with a zippy of the stickiest Dro
Chief back and he's cracked, they like gimme some more

[Hook] x2

Sway the cup with the ice and the liq in it
We in the studio all night mixing it
Going live, she gon’ worry ‘bout missing it
Shorty ride and wanna watch how big we get
Pop star with the bars that’s on God
Every time I walk they get a shot for the montage
Elroy ready to go and the car charged
Next year, I'm doing a show that’s on Mars
Took a dutch to the dome, went frmm nothing to known
Hook the sum upfront before I come in the show
Derby got the dub so we ain't tryna go home
After party's live once you light up my phone
Came and got it popping, should've charged for the promo
Fans spotted me and went damn near loco
Five-oh came and said it’s a no go
I'm out the back, to start a party right next door
[Hook] x2