A-1, Anilyst, Locksmith | MULA 2014
[Verse 1: A-1]
You've been stuck in a limbo
Not makin' enough to be comfortable
You've been paying these dues
Maybe someday soon they'll become refundable
Yea , with a little bit of interest
Yeah a little something you could invest
Just yesterday you was a child
Now half of your childhood friends got infants
Shit, at least it ain't you
Until your face turn navy blue
When the girl from the other night calls you up to say:
"I'm pregnant with your baby, boo"
Aw naw man this can't be true naw, naw man this can't be true
I got too much life to live
I got people to see, I got things to do
This gonna be a big change for you
Diapers, you gonna have to change a few
Plus work at a 9 to 5 job for a couple of years
At minimum wage it through
See a time machine to really need it badly
Everybody needs you to be the daddy
Everybody needs you to feed the family
But you ain't knowing if you gonna be able to
'Cause of all the time and the work
And the stress and it takes and it makes you depressed and sad
You really wanna run away from it
But you don't wanna be another deadbeat dad
And it's overwhelming, 'cause it caught you by surprise
But when that baby come out and you look into it's eyes
What you gon' do?
Is you gon' stand there like a punk what you gon' do?
Is you gon' turn around and run what you gon' do?
Or you gon show 'em how it's done? Your back against the wall
Is you gon' stand or you gon' fall what you gon' do?
[Verse 2: Anilyst]
Dreaming with no eyes closed
Feeling like, “Oh I’m close”
When your life borderline broke
You got no choice but to multiply dough
Show thy glow, my poltergeist soul
So they're like, “Oh this guy's sorta psycho”
Name a brother cold as I ho I'm like snow
NyQuil flow when I go rhyme slow
That don’t really happen often
Passionate, lyrically packed with arson
Every time I spazz they flashin' caution
Imagine the path of marching
Ball like I’m Shaq better back up off him
Tell a bitch that I got a Magic Johnson
Celibate? Nah she smashes often
Hit it raw t'il I’m all passed exhaustion
The second I rushed on the scene
I've been getting nothing but green
Independent? What's that mean?
I literally did it as a one man team

[Verse 3: Locksmith]
Now what if I said the music you're fed is part of a plan
An elitist agenda to feed and extend the catharsis of man
A subtle progression to muzzle expression through public deception ain't none of us stressin' to suck in the blessings
Fuck your perception it starts with the fans
N***as wanna follow the hollow model and swallow the same bottle of pills when it threatens their ability
Boggled by the fodder of being fathered and offered an alternate outcome to protect sensibility
Silly me to privy these prissy dudes that's willingly sacrificing they pennies for blog accessibility
If you pay another to get on a website that's a red light, now I question your credibility
Dealing with the feeling of being a villain concealing fulfilling any image you knew it was not real
N***as wanna floss and come through the block talkin' that shit like look at these muthafuckin' wheels
You trapped in an image a prison created like n***a we made it
We slaves in the matrix and all of it's heinous
Ask Angela Davis the shit is frustrating
You keep droppin' albums and CDs we get it you workin, you writing
But it's sorta like Rihanna's titties we seen them there's no more excitement
You tweeting, you posting, you boasting, you hosting these legion of students
You garnering all this attention but no one believes in your music
Assuming you were unassuming I'm assuming you were doing what you thought you had to do in order to get out of ruin
Now you wanna come a new and now you wanna come ensuing watered down bullshit for dumber humans
I'ma come and thumb through it, I'ma put my gums to it, I'ma eat you muthafuckin' rappers ain't no undoing
I would rather be a corpse than subhuman
I'ma tell you pussies to be quiet 'til I'm done chewing
I just sit back and I look act the game and the game it disgusts me
I see it clearly you fear me 'cause lyrically no one fuck with me
Even my homie RA he told me these haters they shook of you
If you open for these rappers and murder them nobody's booking you
N***as complaining blaming they lameness on the famous the aim is to entertain us and none of the shit is flavorful
I just take the lyrics and language twist them like fingers and turn them in bangers my n***a that is not debatable
Yeah, nowadays n***as only on 'cause of consigns
Yeah, I'm the illest muthafucka that's been doin' this post Tribe
No sigh, literally I'm so high, satellite close by
N***as keep pretending it's lame
Then they wanna talk about who's the best on the west coast and got the nerve not to mention my name
So halt the discussion
Fuck what you heard 'cause you lost in frontin'
The difference from me and these spitters and lyrical killers I'm actually talking 'bout somethin'