The Wanted
Hi & Low
[Verse 1]
I'm gonna see some friends
From outta state
The very trip that's you
Were supposed to take a while ago
But it fell through
Like all of you, like all of you

[Verse 2]
Thought I'd make the drive
But a free plane ride
Is in the air
Just like that my fear of it disappeared
Like all of you like all of you

And I look high and low
For yesterday
High and Low
For you and I
High and Low

[Verse 3]
Once I can see straight I might move
Somewhere cold
Seattle or the Bay area
To see your ghost
What's left of you what's left of you

[Verse 4]
Found a letter from a man I might have met
Addressed to you
And now I'll steal the words
He ended with
I miss you
And I do
Miss you
And I do