I remember when you first said you love me
You're my favorite, girl, you know you're my honey
Know I miss it when you would call me "Bubby"
Know I miss you every night when I'm lonely, mmm (Yeah)

Someone tell my baby that I need her (Yeah, yeah, I've been dying)
I've been dying just to see her (Just to see her)
Oh, I've been crying day to day (Oh)
And, girl, I'm begging you to stay with me
(Stay with me, baby) Oh

And after all these months
You're still the one I want (One I want)
You're still my rising sun (Rising sun)
Baby, we've just begun (Oh)

You don't have to call
'Cause baby, I'll be there (Be there)
Oh yeah, you know I swear (I swear)
Know I messed up
But I love you
I want you (Oh, I)
I just can't afford to
Lose you

You know I love you (I)
Know I adore you (There ain't no limit to what I'd do)
What I'd do to make it back