[Verse 1]
Zoning out and smoking, clouding
I had to leave my own mind it’s crowded
You don’t even know about it
Sunset setting sleep I’m dreading
I dream of you and wet the bedding
Pass the lighter past the piper
I didn’t sleep it’s getting brighter
Peep the awful things you doing
I disregard it I don’t wanna end up in an institution
Brain insane I’m losing sleep, read my mind then go and weep
I want some pussy in too deep
17 + 24 I did the math I sum it up
I talk to my sister “do your homework”
I disregard I don’t wanna end up in a deep depression
Ironic how I fail composition but I’m writing like a poet
Writhing like Plath or Leonard Cohen
Path ways open up let my mind get flowing
Am I coping enough that’s why I don’t pass on a puff
And bury my face in hеr bust
If my dick was steel her pussy would make it rust
I do drugs to get through thе day
Even at work spreading out the pizza crust
Yo! what the fuck?

[Verse 2]
Faster and faster, let’s make a bastard while we plastered
I made a gospel acting like a pastor
“You do your homework?” you looking like a class nerd
Hey class what have you heard?
I walk around getting high like I don’t give any fucks
I’m just a guy learning to be a man
I’m yearning for a plan and earning a check that ain’t worth a damn
Imma keep frying my brain like an egg in a frying pan ya