Hocus Pocus
97 ’till Infinity
97 til infinity
Minds driven are feeling me
Right listen, ain't no killer teen
But try dissin, i might kill a teen
Got nine women tryna guillotine
This really isnt me
For 16 years tryna fit in teams
Used to just about fit in jeans
Family first, but still dont fit in genes
Now i just about fit in vs
But still tryna rise with my written dreams
Still gonna shine long as the world spins
Not backwards c cos ill never curl in
Im forwards cos you knw i get girls in
Rhyme stoned, getting high, so im rocking them pearl rings
World king, im the leader
If you dont feed me
No i won't feed ya
And no i won't feature
I smoke the reefer
No i dont drink, i save shots like a keeper

Im forever 97 til infinity
1997 til infinity
Its been a while since i showed you how i feel
Expressions going nuts, let me show you how i feel
Keep it real, on the streets, be grateful for every meal
And if thats not how you feel, re-evaluate for real
My minds driven, im quite different
I try spitting, salive written
Im right listen
Pause, break, go in more than four lakes
In your case
Make it breif like a short day
Im the best alive we born to die
So not even the best survive
And im still smoking, till my chest divides
They seem to question why
I left the rest to die
Cos im a freight with rhymes
Im left to grind
Im not right, ill affect your mind
I spit truth check for extra lies
My words firm like they section 5
And im sick but, im not infected right


Here i stand, lost in this maze of life
In this place in time, just looking for a face to find
Corrupt mind, but i can't help the haze is nice
Haze greener than hazel eyes
Stable mind?
But closely you can see the pain inside
But you dont need to magnify to make it right
Wind blowing through his hair
Eyes water in the cold
He dont wanna go no where
He dont wanna be alone
He still says 97 till infinity
And claims nobodys killing he
Cos once he dies watch his spirit flee
Looks at himself not prouds in the mirror deep
Cos he knows his goals only acheived in a dream
Hes only looking in the mirror for a different mean
Right now the top is just a myth it seems
And the truth lies within so i hope your listening