Hocus Pocus
Atrium Freestyle
I ain't study for my test but im boutta fuckin pass, waiting for that comeback but i came early to class
I ended up in a circle full of n***as who rap, and i ain't introduce myself
Cuz i ain't want to brag, or seem like a fiend that was tryna get a collab
A show is coming up and im audition for that, Im catchin up for homework that i need for art and math, Algebra and trigonometry to be exact
My first class is English , the next one is business
Business is the one i got a test in you feelme?
Im stayin focused, i ain't gonna be coastin, Im buuilding my business plan until my vision is in motion
Oh shit, they weighed in the comeback kiiid
Just one punchline that hold mad weight see that was waiting for that shit
This is for pracice, put my notebook in my bag and then im heading for class bitch #Comeback Kiiid