The beat is sicker than the blood in your stool
The way it repeat, can trick you like a stuttering fool

- How does one politely refuse the day he gets circumcised such as this?
- One doesn't

They need to rap behind Bobby Bro
Get some credentials affiliated with placebo
Hope you kept the receipt
I freak out when I hear that plastic shit they call heat
Who pays them that much
Why they prostitute their stupid style while standing on each others crotch
It's fucked
Heard those beats about a hundred time
But haven't heard a single shit about you man it's that fine
First and foremost
I host this style in my own way
Akira keeping the beat flyer than fucking cocaine
Enter the 36 Chambers in my own brain
Slain slaughter still siting on vault full of rhymes I came
And change my whole mind
Try'na claim and make the lame feel like oh it's time
Make you think about what you think when you're thinking
But in a blink of an eye it's too late I'm sinking
You forgot Graffiti B-Boy DJayin and emceein
No one can ever stop it
We perpetrating never wasting no time
Putting this shit to work on the 1-2
While most rappers can't even spit a new style?
Cause they wack dude
I smack fools
But fine I won't be bragging
I won't be wasting no energy on some fake thugs
Or some fools calling themselves prodigies
Funking with the style then he say
Have the average emcee say : Give me a sick day!
Stand clear!
Gather your stuff and get your queer ass out
Rhymers like DOOM or Madlib won't be waiting on no timeout
Study the rhymes the culture to rhyme about
So much to learn can't understand or figure out
Bigger than any organisation you could be facing
Or wasting your imagination with a life you're hating
Fuck faking
Stupid shit I'm making